A Very Special Trip To Manchester

I don’t usually write on my trips to Manchester as I’m usually just popping home and there isn’t a great deal to write on. However, I have an exception for todays post. I flew out of Dubai at 3am landing into Manchester Airport at 7:30 in the morning, I was beyond excited for this flight though as I was picking up my Mum, Dad, Grandma and Grandad to fly them out to Dubai and spend the next 6 days with me, the only thing was is that my grandparents had no idea I would be on their flight! So it was sneaking around at home so that they wouldn’t catch me and blow the surprise right before it happened!

After having such a wonderful layover at home, I was waking up at 5:30am to head back to the airport driven by my lovely sister. I don’t think I’d ever been this excited for work in my life.


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May 2017 Roster

First of all, many apologies for my lack of blog posts recently. I have been SO busy, that I actually received my roster 10 days ago, but I am only now getting the chance to sit down and write this post and also the most important of all, get onto the swaps page! I was actually really pleased with my bottom bid month roster, but a swap or two are needed as I’ll explain. So, in the month of May I shall be going to…

RUH – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Turn Around
KWI – Farwaniya, Kuwait Turn Around
DUB – Dublin, Ireland Layover
NBO – Nairobi, Kenya Layover
BOS – Boston, USA Layover
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Little Ones In London

I was originally rostered to be flying to Manilla for a 30 hour layover, however as it wasn’t that long since I visited back in January, and my parents had told me they were driving down to London for Easter Weekend to spend with my Aunt and Uncle, I sent out a few swaps for London Gatwick which was snapped up straight away.

We departed Dubai at 8am, landing into London just before 1pm. I quickly showered and changed and made my way over to my families house which was just two short train journeys away. My uncle picked me up from the station and I was welcomed by my little cousins.

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A Double Dose of Denmark

I was originally meant to be going to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and it was a destination I’d been looking forward to as it was somewhere new, and there was plenty of things I wanted to do there. However the day before the flight I checked my roster to see I had been pulled off the flight due to light loads and given four days of ‘Can Use Reserve’, which is essentially reserve however you’re not on reserve month. I was constantly refreshing the page anxious to see where I would be off to, only to see they were sending me straight back to Copenhagen again with a lighter load than KL… what are the chances out of all those destinations?! Anyway, I managed a short 90 minutes sleep before the flight this time so I was pretty tired on the way over and wondering if I would actually even go out when we landed or just go straight to bed?

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Majestic Moscow

Another new destination and country for me to visit, was Moscow in Russia! We left Dubai at 16:50 (nice to have a lie in before work) landing into Domodedovo Airport at 21:40. Making our way over to the hotel, we checked in and I grabbed some room service before heading to bed, except I think I’m experiencing a bit of jet lag as I was awake till around 5am, having to get up at 8:30am for the tour.

Meeting with our tour guide Masha (who is ex crew with Emirates) our first stop was to head over to the Red Square, the thing I’d been looking forward to most. It was a pretty chilly -3 so we warmed up in the car as best we could before heading out into the cold.

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