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  1. Hello,
    How did you publish your blog website on the internet, if you search “Jessicas Journey with emirates” in comes up on google where as mine doesn’t??



  2. In your settings, you can choose whether to be shown on search engines such as Google or not! Hope that helps ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. sara balela says:

    hello jessica i would like to do a training at emirate how to do held me pls


    1. Hi Sara, training is only given to those who receive the position of cabin crew. To apply keep checking the Emirates recruitment website for when they post a new listing for crew and apply through there. No prior requirements other than being fluent in English, over a certain height and to be a minimum of high school educated are needed as you’ll be taught everything else in Dubai. Good luck.


  4. sara balela says:

    it very importante for me and is my dream job


  5. Aljabe says:

    Hi, you are very nice. like a angel.


  6. Dila says:

    Hi, when you are going to join emirates, do u need to make a new bank account, or does the company provide one for u? and do u need a creditcard for payments on your layover if u want to pay without ur layover allowance ?


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