July 2017 Roster

A very pleasant roster for July despite not getting the days off I asked for, however next month I shall be going to:

DFW – Dallas, United States Layover
NBO – Nairobi, Kenya Layover
CAI – Cairo, Egypt Turn Around
DPS – Bali, Indonesia Layover
SIN – Singapore Layover
HAN – Hanoi, Vietnam Layover
MLE/CMB/MLE – Male, Maldives and Colombo, Sri Lanka Multisector Continue reading

May 2017 Roster

First of all, many apologies for my lack of blog posts recently. I have been SO busy, that I actually received my roster 10 days ago, but I am only now getting the chance to sit down and write this post and also the most important of all, get onto the swaps page! I was actually really pleased with my bottom bid month roster, but a swap or two are needed as I’ll explain. So, in the month of May I shall be going to…

RUH – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Turn Around
KWI – Farwaniya, Kuwait Turn Around
DUB – Dublin, Ireland Layover
NBO – Nairobi, Kenya Layover
BOS – Boston, USA Layover
Normal Annual Leave Continue reading

April 2017 Roster

Next months roster is here, and this is definitely the earliest we’ve ever received it. It’s my top bid month too, so I’d really been looking forward to see where I would be heading, and all I can say is that I’m rather a little bit disappointed… Anyway, in April I shall be going to:

CPH – Copenhagen, Denmark Layover
KUL – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Layover
MNL – Manilla, Philippines Layover
BOM – Mumbai, India Turn Around
CAI – Cairo, Egypt Turn Around
MAN – Manchester, UK Layover Continue reading

March Roster

It’s that time again where we get our rosters, this past month has gone so unbelievbly fast that I wasn’t even thinking “# more days till roster” this month, before I knew it, it was here. Anyway, in the month of March I shall be going to…

Normal Annual Leave
CEB/CRK – Cebu, Philippines And Clark, Philippines multisector
DME – Moscow, Russia Layover
LHR – London, UK Layover
MCO – Orlando, United States Layover
DME – Moscow, Russia Layover Continue reading

February Roster

Well this was an incredibly pleasant surprise to see today, we usually get economy rosters around the 25th of each month, however, I think there’s been a system glitch as they have been posted on the app but not emailed to us! I am not complaining at all though, nice to see where I will be next month. So in February I shall be going to…

JFK – New York, USA Layover
ISB – Islamabad, Pakistan Turn Around
HKT – Phuket, Thailand Layover
DMM – Dammam, Saudi Arabia Turn Around
SYD/CHC/SYD – Sydney, Australia and Christchurch, New Zealand Multi Sector
DOH – Doha, Qatar Turn Around Continue reading

January Roster

That time has come round again for the next months roster and I’m sad to say I think my luck was used up in December as I didn’t get any flights I asked for… after using my three swaps for the month already in January I will be going to:

CMN – Casablanca, Morocco Layover
CMB – Colombo, Sri Lanka Turn Around
LGW – London Gatwick, UK Layover
MAA – Chennai, India Turn Around
MNL – Manila, Phillipines Layover
BOM – Bombay, India Turn Around
DUR – Durban, South Africa Layover Continue reading