April 2020 Roster… Or Not? Life Update and More

Well this is a very weird one to write. Usually it’s a very simple blog post, and one that is written very quickly. I did receive a full roster for April, and despite it being a bottom bid month, I was rather content with what I received and would have been able to swap a…

March 2020 Roster

My top bid month and its a weird mix as I have twelve days of annual leave and also my ULR from the previous month went into March too, so it seems like I didn’t get much of a roster this month! However, in March I shall be going to… AMS – Amsterdam, The Netherlands…

February 2020 Roster

Time to see where I’ll be heading in February, no new destinations but some lovely ones to be sent to nonetheless. So in February I shall be going to… MRU – Blue Bay, Mauritius Layover

January 2020 Roster

First roster of 2020 is here and it’s an incredibly mixed bag to start the year with, in January I shall be heading to: MEL – Melbourne, Australia Layover

December 2019 Roster

An exciting change for December, after a week of training I am now officially a business class crew member. I’m excited for a new change, a little apprehensive nonetheless, it feels like I’m taking on a new job but here is where I’ll be heading to in December… JFK – New York, USA Layover

November 2019 Roster

I can’t believe we have received the second to last roster of 2019! Not the best roster, but an exciting one to say the least. In November I shall be heading to… ATH/EWR – Athens, Greece and New Jersey, USA Multisector

October 2019 Roster

Roster time again, and I was definitely not expecting this roster at all. In October I shall be going to…

September 2019 Roster

Rosters have arrived for September, and to say this is my bottom bid I have been pleasantly surprised! I was wondering if I may be scheduled in for another reserve month with it being my bottom bid, but I was happily not. So next month I shall be heading off to… CMN – Casablanca, Morocco…