One Day To Go…

So, tomorrow is the big day! I can’t get over that tomorrow I will be on that one way flight to Dubai. Today has been quite a stressful one, me and my Mum have been packing up all my things to take with me. We get 50kg to take with Emirates and I honestly do not think it’s going to be enough. My family come to visit in October half term and are bringing out another case for me with my winter clothes in so that I can wrap up warm on all my cold layovers. Winter fashion is my absolute favourite and it seems weird that I am not taking any jumpers or coats out with me to Dubai tomorrow.

I am just about to head over to my friend Amy’s so that she can do my nails in bio gel. Thank goodness she can do this for me as I am SO bad at painting nails. A couple of the girls are coming over too to say their goodbyes, then it’s back home to say bye to grandparents and my auntie before my Mum, Dad, Sister and I go out for one last meal together. The next time I post will be when I’m in Dubai, so I’ll see you all on the flip side!

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My Emirates Timeline

I see a lot of these online and people are really interested in them, at first I had absolutely zero idea what all the abbreviations were and had no idea about them until I had actually been told I’d got the job, so I will begin with where it all started for me. So I first began submitting my online application 22/04/15 however, I actually began the online process 17/04/15. Then… Continue reading