Kempt Katoomba

The final leg of my trip was in Sydney, one of my favourite cities to visit. Wanting to do something I hadn’t done before, and maybe not so achievable on a layover, myself and Katie (sadly it was back to work for Sophie) decided to head out to the Blue Mountains National Park to the small town of Katoomba just 2 hours by train out of Sydney Central Station.

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The Great Barrier Reef

Continuing on from my previous post… we had finally arrived in Cairns and straight away got speaking to the concierge to pick out the best Great Barrier Reef trip! After flicking through many brochures and listening to her recommendations, we went with the Silverswift Tour which departed 8:30am giving us breakfast on the boat, all the equipment and suits, takes us to three different snorkelling sites on the Great Barrier Reef and also gave us lunch and then refreshments at the end of the day! The trip cost $220 per person but we wanted to splash out a little for this as it was the main part of the trip. There were more budget options for around $95 if you’re looking for something a little less pricey but they didn’t offer as much!

Anyway, that afternoon we spent an hour or so by the hotel pool before we got changed for dinner that evening. I was feeling something Australian for dinner and after a quick look online, made a reservation for a place called Dundees. And boy it did not disappoint. With a waterfront table by the marina, we sat down and scoured the menu, and from the Bush Tucker page I ordered the kangaroo and crocodile skewers and they tasted unbelievable!! Every time I’m in Aus now I will for sure be ordering Kangaroo, it tastes SO good!

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Picturesque Palm Cove

So my leave plans came together quite nicely actually! I was meant to be going to Hawaii with my room mate Hannah but as she fell and broke her wrist, our plans also fell through and I was left wondering what to do for two weeks. My two friends who I studied abroad with Katie (from the United States) and Sophie (from Australia) were meeting up for the first time since we left Kansas and had planned a trip up to Cairns in Australia. With it being the perfect opportunity, and me being able to explore a new destination not within the Emirates network, I jumped at the chance especially with all three of us being together a real rare occurrence. Another thing that was great was that on the International Day of Happiness ( 20th March ) Emirates gave all its employee a free return ticket to ANYWHERE in the world. So I thought that a free 14 hour flight to Sydney sounded perfect. THANKS EMIRATES ❤️


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A Day Trip To Durham

I thought I would write on a day trip I had whilst on my leave at home. Being at home isn’t very exciting for anyone who’s reading (as it is for me) but for my Mum’s 50th Birthday – sorry for announcing that Mum – me and my sister treated her to a spa day at Seaham Hall in Durham. I’d never been to Durham, so I was looking forward to visiting. Every time I have gone through Durham on the train I’ve always said how I wanted to visit the quaint and rustic city, so we made plans to spend a couple of hours in the city in the morning before heading over to the spa.

We left our house in Leeds and drove the 95 miles up north to Durham, ready for a morning coffee. We parked up and walked through the quaint city in search of a coffee stop and opted for a Starbucks just next to the river.

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A Snowy Skiing Sojourn

I managed to get 5 days off in a row to go and join my mum and dad on their ski trip, they have a place in Austria so I was hoping to fly into Munich and get the train over to Salzburg and meet them at the airport. However, with it being back to school for the majority of Europe, the loads were incredibly full and I only just managed to squeeze on a flight to Vienna in the evening rather than the morning by grabbing the last free seat – hallelujah!


Landing into Vienna International Airport at 8pm, I quickly went through immigration, grabbed my case and went to find the next quickest train to Salzburg. I managed to get a direct train however it took 3 and a half hours to get there! But it was an incredibly modern and clean train, and had free wifi so I was entertained the whole way over at least.

Arriving into Salzburg Hauptbahnhof I had to wait about 20 minutes for my Mum and Dad to arrive as they were seriously delayed due to the amount of snow that was coming down! After spending the past week in Dubai, Seychelles and Morocco in the sunshine, the -14 temperatures of Salzburg were seriously making me shiver. But finally they arrived and my Mum had me sat straight in the front with the heaters on, wrapped in a blanket ready to head back. What are mums for, eh? Continue reading

An Insight Into India

As I’ve just been on leave for two weeks and my original plans fell through I decided to go home for a lovely 10 days before popping to India for a little visit to see my friend who I lived with at university, Sapheena. Saph had been studying in India as part of a study abroad programme in Chandigrah at The University of Punjab (she’s a bit of a clever clogs) and we arranged to meet up in Delhi, for a bit of sight seeing and to go and visit the famous Taj Mahal! Emirates fly into Delhi (The Taj Mahal’s closest airport) however as the flight is only 3 and a half hours there we don’t get a layover so I was overly keen to visit this destination and tick off a new country from the list!


I flew from Manchester on the 9pm flight landing into Dubai at 6:45am the following morning. I then quickly exited the airport after grabbing my luggage and went straight to the standby lounge to see if there was a seat left for me on the flight as I had used one of my 90% discount tickets. After a while of waiting around constantly checking the screen to see if my name was given the green light for the flight, it finally changed 50 minutes before departure and I rushed through the airport to catch the flight!

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My First Leave

I’ve just been home on my first “holiday” and I went to surprise my (not so) little sister for her 17th birthday! Which is why I haven’t mentioned it on any of my previous blogs even though I’ve been super excited to go home for the first time and had this booked since November!! As I was previously pulled off my flight to Hong Kong at the end of March I ended up with a Day Off, Airport Standby (where I wasn’t pulled out for a flight) and then another day off so I was able to go home a day earlier! I quickly checked the flights to Manchester which were sadly full but I managed to hop on a flight to Birmingham which landed at 6am and my mum and dad drove down to collect me from the airport as its only a 2 hour drive.


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