Back To College

This past week I have been back at Emirates Aviation College for my service reassessments that mark the end of probation, to learn Duty Free and to also graduate! The week began on Monday morning with a 7:30 start. For the first two days we had different sessions, exams and assessments to ensure we were still up to the Emirates standard whilst we’re on board and handed in our portfolios that we had been completing over the last 4 months of flying.  The third day consisted of learning duty free so that I can begin selling on board. I was then told I had passed everything with an overall score of 99.3%, so close to that 100% however still pleased with my score and able to graduate the next day!

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The End of Training, The Beginning Of Travelling The World

I cannot quite believe that training is over. The last eight weeks at training college have gone by so quickly. I have learnt so so much and had so much fun with everyone, and I really am going to miss going there every day. I have had some seriously amazing trainers who have been so informative yet also made every day so interesting and exciting and given so many tips for different aspects of cabin crew life. I honestly cannot fault Emirates Aviation College on anything from the facilities, to the simulators, to the lessons, to the buildings. They have all been second to none. I feel really privileged to have gone through this course!


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Service Training (And A Trip To The Desert)

Now to learn what Emirates is renowned for, its world class service. At 7:30am last Sunday I was in my seat at college  ready for the next week ahead of me, and wow what a lot I have already learnt! Through different classroom sessions, simulator practicals, aircraft familiarisation lessons and exams I am now beginning to get to grips with the order of the service, how to conduct the service and all the products we have on board the aircraft. We also had a food tasting session where we were able to sample different foods that are served on Emirates flights so we can describe the meals to passengers and give our own recommendations.


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From The Red Polo To The Emirates Uniform

This past week saw the last of the red polo shirts for training. It’s crazy to think how fast training is going, and I now only have 11 days left at Aviation College! The week began with our security training which was incredibly interesting to learn about and we had a class on self defence which was so much fun. I passed the security training with 100% in my exam, and this meant we were ready to move onto Image and Uniform Day.


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Group Medical Training + My Family Visit!!

This past week saw the beginning and end of Group Medical Training (GMT) and this is the one I was most apprehensive about. Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t even like to give myself paracetamol, however after this week of intense training, I now feel incredibly prepared for many a medical situation that may arise on board an aircraft. I have learnt so much and it really was an interesting week.

Practicing CPR
Practicing CPR with Grace

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The Famous Red Hat

What a week it’s been. I don’t feel like I’ve stopped at all, only now to write this post. My time in Dubai is absolutely flying by and it’s exactly a month ago today that I left everything behind and moved my life to the Middle East – and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I also can’t get over how much I have already learnt over the past month.

The week began with learning all about the Boeing 777 for the last part of Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP) and also trying to not forget or mix this up with everything we had previously learnt for the Airbus 380. It was an intense few days trying to learn and remember everything for our exams on the Tuesday, however we all passed and this completed the end of SEP!! It’s crazy to think that one stage of my training is completed, before I know it, I’ll be licensed to fly! To celebrate the end of SEP and also Joanne’s birthday (Happy Birthday Joanne!) my batch and a few others went to the Irish Village to celebrate together.


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Three Weeks In

I can12039426_10154277045734972_1613742707697431454_n‘t quite believe its been just over three weeks since I moved to Dubai. Dubai has well and truly stolen my heart and I’m going to find it very difficult to live anywhere else ever again. This place is unreal and I constantly find myself entranced with the views I get to see day in day out. One thing that really wowed me was that a few days ago, I was at Aviation College, when I looked out of the window from my desk, and I could see the Burj Khalifa. I for one have never experienced studying with such an incredible skyline to look at, its just incredible.

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