Hi, I’m Jess I’m 23 and I’m from Leeds, England. I graduated from the University of Reading in 2015 with a degree in Human Geography and on September 25th 2015 I began a new chapter of my life by moving to Dubai to become cabin crew with Emirates Airline.

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I started this blog so family, friends and whoever else can see how my journey is going and where on earth I am in the world. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me by leaving a comment or sending me a message on my other social media accounts. I hope you enjoy reading,

Jess x

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Jessicaaahhh
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/Jessicaaahhh

19 thoughts on “About

    1. I just submitted an online application and went to one of the open days in London, from there I worked through the recruitment process and got my golden call in July 2015. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t awful 🙂


      1. awesome! thanks.. im too short or being a flight attendant/cabin crew was a dream of mine – great way to travel and meet new people!


  1. Hi!! I have a question… they say that you can bring when you join 50kgs baggage, but how many bags/suitcases did you take with you?? And apart from the 50Kgs, is it possible to have cabin luggage?? thank you!!!


    1. You can have two suitcases weighing 50kg plus hand luggage! I had just the two cases as my family were visiting 6 weeks later and brought another case for me then. Some people were charged for going over, others were let off, depends on the airport!


  2. Hello Jessica! Congrats for your blog! I am shortsighted but I use contact lenses! Are there any vision restrictions for emirates?


  3. ็Hello Jess,

    After I passed the final interview, I searched for EK bloggers and I found yours the most enjoyable reading 🙂 I keep coming reading your new posts, please continue writing I’m your fan!

    I haven’t got a golden call from EK yet but I wish I will soon
    If I get to be in Dubai, I hope I would see you some day


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