August 2021 Roster

Playing catch up with all my posts so here’s another roster update and its a month that no crew member really enjoys… In August I shall be heading to:

BHX – Birmingham, UK Layover

Beginning the month was a trip to Birmingham in the UK. I originally had a two day layover in Manila and you’re not even allowed to leave the hotel room there. So I sent out a multitude of swaps for anything and everything and I was so pleasantly surprised to see a swap accepted for Birmingham. Sadly we can’t leave the hotel in the UK but what I could get was an ASDA shop delivery. I miss my UK food shops SO much and my case was like a jigsaw puzzle on the journey back to Dubai. Every single bit of space was utilised with all the things I have missed from the UK. My freezer is completely jam packed and we now have lots of yummy and different things to eat for dinner each night!

After this the dreaded reserve month begins again. This will be my fourth reserve month and they are always such a variety! However with all things pandemic I’m sure this will be a reserve month like no other. Certain destinations have restrictions for where and when you have been. For example as my last trip was to the UK this will effect me being able to operate to certain destinations for the following fourteen days. Other destinations only allow certain vaccines to operate, we now have a lot of cargo trips where we operate to destinations that are out of the normal passenger network and we operate these with no passengers. Theres also a lot of cancellations and last minute additions as borders open and close around the world. Certain places require PCR testing so I know for sure I’ll probably end up having to do some of those! The possibilities are endless and I can’t work out if I think it’s going to be a quiet or a busy month, I’m sure we shall see!

If you want to see how my previous reserve months have panned out, you can click on the below links:
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Lets hope for some lovely trips, some good hours and a quick month of reserve! As always, feel free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube:


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  1. Eva says:

    How full are the flights these days?


    1. It really varies depending on where we’re flying to and that countries restrictions and requirements. I’ve had very full flights and also very quiet flights. Certain countries restrict the amount of passengers per flight. I never know what to expect at the moment, but things are definitely taking a more positive turn towards normality which is fantastic to see, especially for the company.


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