July 2021 Roster

Finally it might be time to start doing individual roster posts which is a great sign really, isn’t it? There are still a lot of changes to rosters even after we receive them, but I’m definitely flying a lot more. We have more destinations where we are allowed to leave the hotel now too, so its an amazing feeling to think we’re going in the right direction. There was also the amazing news this week that the UK has taken the UAE off their red list so it means no more mandatory hotel quarantine for 10 nights with the hefty cost of £2,000. I might finally be able to get home and see all my family and friends and also attend one of my best friends weddings in October. Please keep EVERYTHING crossed for me! Speaking of that, did you see the advertisement they posted?! Apparently this is real! There’s no way I would have been doing this though, could you?

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post, and although we’re well out of July and a good week into August, here is how my July shaped up…

FRA – Frankfurt, Germany Layover
SEP – Annual Recurrent
MLE – Malé, Maldives Turn Around
ORD – Chicago, USA Layover
CAI – Cairo, Egypt Turn Around
CAI – Cairo, Egypt Turn Around
Normal Annual Leave

Kicking off the month was a layover in Frankfurt, which I’ve visited a few times, in fact this year alone it was my third visit! It was finally another destination in which we were allowed to leave too. However, with my annual exams coming up the day after my layover, I spent the entire time in bed revising. I don’t know why, but this year was the most nervous I have ever been for my exams. With all the redundancies that have happened and the fact my contract was up for renewal I just wanted to make sure I was more prepared than I had ever been. Thankfully, I passed with flying colours and around a week after my recurrent I was given the great news that my contract was also being renewed. So not only am I licensed to fly for another year, my job is also safe for another three! The happiness and the relief I felt after such stress. It felt like the biggest weight lifted off my shoulders.

Following on from my recurrent was a long night time turn around to The Maldives. This is such a long day at work with a check in just after midnight and not getting back to Dubai again til lunchtime. I usually enjoy the views as well coming into Malé but it was actually still dark as we came into land! It also made me SO jealous of everyone visiting after my holiday there this year, I wanted nothing more than to get off that plane and check into a gorgeous week in paradise. For anyone who hasn’t been make sure you do!!

After this was a trip to Chicago, a trip I have done a couple times but I couldn’t wait to reunite with one of my best friends Katie after two years without seeing each other! Followed by two back to back trips to Cairo. I don’t mind this turn around at all, I enjoy the timing, its on the A380 which I definitely prefer flying on now I’m in business class and I just find it a rather pleasant day at work!

Ending the month I was on annual leave AGAIN, I feel like I’ve been made to take annual leave almost every month this year which hasn’t been ideal with insane restrictions and needing to use my leave in the second half of the year, but this one my best friend Grace and I had the exact same dates off. Stay posted for my posts on just how we made the most of our days off together, and that rounds up July!

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