A Little Bit Of Normality With Copenhagen

Finally time for some form of normality. Certain destinations we are allowed to venture out of the hotel and I was blessed enough to receive Copenhagen, Denmark on my May roster (sorry for such a delay in this post) and I couldn’t wait to breathe in some fresh air after a flight and just have a real reminder of the perks of this job!

We departed Dubai at 08:20am with a lovely six hours and fifty five minutes over to Copenhagen. The weather was forecast to be sunny, yet cool and crisp – my all time favourite weather. I was so beyond ready to escape the heat of Dubai and stroll around in a much cooler climate. Once we had checked in, I went up to the room and changed quickly to maximise my time in the city. It felt SO weird leaving the hotel after being cooped up for so long but I walked along the river in the direction of the Nyhavn to grab my groceries which I’ve missed getting in all my European destinations and some food for the layover.

I continued on with my headphones in, listening to music and taking in the scenery. I didn’t have a plan of where I was going I just wandered wherever I wanted. It felt magical. Usually on layovers I have a pretty packed out plan of action but having been to Copenhagen twice before, I was more than ready to just enjoy a European afternoon and see wherever the day took me.

So much greenery makes me soooo happy! This pandemic I have filled my apartment with plants as I’ve been missing it so much. Such a gorgeous park in the middle of the city.

I grabbed some Panang curry, not very Danish I know but I was eating outdoors and wanted something warm to eat! The food was incredible, if you’re ever in Copenhagen this place called Scurry Hub has great reviews and prices and I was so glad I stumbled upon this restaurant.

Honestly this was SO delicious and such a great portion size! I continued walking and around sunset I decided to call and grab some groceries with the next day being a public holiday, the airport staff had informed us that the shops would be closed the following day so any shopping needed to be done that day. Stocked up on essentials to take back to Dubai, and headed to back exhausted after the 15km I had walked around the city according to my Apple Watch!

The next morning I got up and went to grab coffee and get out and move for a bit before the flight back. Usually on these European timings I would sleep right until wake up, but my body is on a bit more of a routine with us not flying as much so I made the most of my morning and put my workout gear on.

Such gorgeous scenery with the sun shining down, I was in SUCH a good mood. I couldn’t believe the world of good it did me to just get out and get those steps in, breathe in some fresh air and feel like I had a little bit of freedom again. This twenty four hours spent on my own was perfect and I was more than happy to head back to Dubai knowing that the beginning of the end of this pandemic is here. Not an hugely interesting post today, but just wanted to write up on something other than a roster post!

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  1. It is so nice to see that world is slowly coming back to normality, especially the aviation, since it is my favourite way to travel!
    And I am also happy that you can all now leave the hotels in some destinations, because it means maybe that they won’t fire anyone anymore due to the pandemic…and who knows, maybe they are going to hire again soon (?)
    There was a girl at the open day with me back in January 2019 who got the Golden Call, but then never made it to Dubai because of the COVID. I am still crossing my fingers for her to be contacted from EK one day telling her that it is time for her to wear the red hat.

    Copenhagen is magical, if you happen to be there again and you have never been I suggest to visit the neighbourhood/indipendent town of Christiania (if it is possible with a free walking tour, that will make the visit even more beautiful).
    A lot of people think it is not allowed to take pictures there, but it actually one is allowed to (as you can see here https://italianwanderluster.wordpress.com/2020/02/27/magical-copenhagen/ ) ,except in one point where some men will tell you not (I am not telling why because it is a surprise and they do not want other people to know).

    Another MUST is the Reffen Street Food Market, which is so colourful and lovely and has got a lot of different food from different parts of the world.
    Pizzeria De Amicis there was amazing, a real Italian pizza…they drive to Italy to take all the fresh ingredients.

    Also the Genetically Modified Little Mermaid is very nice to look at..it is 10 minutes away from the Little Mermaid and back in 2019 I was the only one there, a real hidden gem.

    Then Malmo in Sweden is also very nice and at just one hour by train from Copenhagen, albeit I think for someone used to see so many different beautiful cities around the world, maybe Malmo would not appear that nice to you.

    Have safe flights,


    1. Thanks for such an informative message Carm, I will definitely be checking all those options out! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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