October 2020 Roster

Another month has passed by with nothing to write about. My job has changed hugely with the effects of COVID-19 and I’m longing more than ever for some normality and exploration. I’m unsure when my job will ever return to its normal self, or if it ever will. But for the moment, I am happy to still have a job and be healthy and well. Anyway, in October I shall be going to…

KUL – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Layover
CAN – Guanghzou, China Turn Around
KBL – Kabul, Afghanistan Turn Around
DEL – Delhi, India Turn Around

Kicking off the month is my one and only layover in Kuala Lumpur. I’ve only visited KL once before and I had a great layover. Unfortunately, we are still unable to leave our hotel rooms due to COVID-19 so I won’t be able to get out and explore. So more of eating local cuisine in bed and watching Netflix for me.

Next up is another flight I’ve never done before and is also usually a layover too. However at the moment, Guangzhou is operating as a turn around flight which will be a long day before arriving back into Dubai. We will get rest on both sectors, but I’ve been wanting to tick off the final Chinese Emirates destination for the longest time. Especially as I had a friend who used to teach English there!

Then is a quick day time turn around to Kabul in Afghanistan, I always love seeing the mountainous view on arrival in Kabul, followed by my final flight of the month to Delhi in India.

In and amongst these flights I have some blocks of can-use reserve days. I’m not expecting much from them though as they most often change to days off. I’m just really hoping that all these flights stay for the month of October as only two flights from my September roster remained in place.

Today is also my five year anniversary since I moved to Dubai. I can’t quite believe half a decade has passed since twenty one year old me packed up my bags and moved over to the UAE. It’s crazy how much I’ve achieved and seen in these five years, but Dubai really is home to me now! Check out the stats from my five years of flying below…

The famous fog rolled in recently and I got this fab picture as I drank my morning coffee and watched the show!

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