August 2020 Roster

Following on from my previous post, unfortunately all my flights in July were removed from my roster, which is such a shame as I was so eager to get back to flying! All that remains is my annual exams which are next week, so I am studying away at the moment and then two days of can use reserve from where my Singapore flight was removed. Anyhow, my roster for August is as follows…

Can-Use Reserve

I’m a bit confused why my roster showed this. Most people seem to have been given rosters with flights and days off with things beginning to return back to normal both in the UAE and around the world. Rosters have returned to their usual structure albeit with a few more days off than normal, but it was lovely to see all the same. Except, my roster shows can use reserve for the whole month. Which isn’t quite a reserve month, but entails the exact same format nonetheless.

I’m really hoping that I’ll be pulled out for and rostered a few flights. It’s very weird to be doing nothing all day everyday and I would love to earn some flying hours! So keep your fingers crossed for me, and hopefully we’ll be back to normal or even a “new normal” soon and exploring the world once again.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Hi Jessica! I’m a long-time reader of your blog and find your travels to different countries and cities fascinating. I’m glad you are still blogging occasionally even while life is far from normal. Hope you get back to your normal flying routine asap! I also follow your twitter and have been loving the foodie pics lately 😉 Worthy of starting a foodstagram or something!! Rachel, NJ, USA

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    1. Hi Rachel, thank you! Yes there isn’t much to blog about at the moment with travelling being limited and the restrictions in place around the world for crew. Glad you’re loving the food pics, it’s something I’m tempted to do actually, maybe I should give it a go! Jess 😊


  2. I cannot imagine how it feels to be used to always be arund the world and now being always stuck in the same place, it must really feel boring.
    I had not travelled for 4 months and when the last couple days I headed to lake Costanz and Switzerland I felt alive again.
    I have my fingers crossed for you to have flying hours and being able to explore soon again.
    Xoxo Carm


    1. It’s very strange that’s for sure! Lovely that you were able to Lake Costanz, I bet that was so nice for you to get out and about! I can’t wait to get back to normal. Thanks for your well wishes Carm! Xx


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