July 2020 Roster

Wow its been a while since I’ve written one of these posts. With everything that’s been going on in the world, crew life has come to a serious stand still. For starters, I was stuck out of the UAE for almost two months, then when I came back I was on a two week government mandated quarantine. So throughout this period I was on unpaid leave. When I was finally back on a normal roster, I was given just over five weeks of reserve. In that time I’ve been given one flight to New York where I had a two day layover, but I wasn’t able to leave the hotel. Not due to COVID-19, but due to the protests that were happening at the time. We flew into Newark in New Jersey, and out of JFK in New York which was an unusual thing to happen but we had no passengers either way. It was a cargo flight operated on a Boeing 777-300 aircraft. A very unusual trip but great to be back on a plane nonetheless, and was lovely to gain some flying hours and get back into the swing of things. I have ten days of this reserve block left, unsure if I will be rostered anything else but we shall see what happens before we reach July.

Rosters have changed ever so slightly, we have some new items on rosters which I’ll explain as I go on, but in July I shall (hopefully) be going to…

Flexible Days Off (12)
VIE – Vienna, Austria Layover
DEL – Delhi, India Turn Around
Flexible Days Off
SEP – Annual Recurrent Exams
SIN – Singapore Layover

So when my big block of reserve ends, I’ve been given twelve days of flexible days off. They call these flexible as they can change if needed. It’s highly unlikely, but I just need to check my roster at 6pm each day to confirm I still have a day off the following day. A nice large block of days off, which is great, but nothing I can do with them. It’s nice to spend so much time in Dubai though as I never get this. Although with these summer temperatures creeping in, it’s limited with what I actually can do!

After this I have a three day layover in Vienna, Austria! I’ve only flown here as crew once, and when I did I took a day trip to Bratislava in Slovakia. I’ve flown in and out of Vienna many times as a passenger, but never actually visited the city. Providing I’m allowed out and able to do something, it’ll be great to walk around and get a feel for the city, and hopefully do a huge grocery haul! I am missing my layovers for grocery shopping sooooo much!!

After this is a turn around to Delhi in India and back. A very early start, one that has me checking in at 1am and getting back to Dubai just before twelve lunchtime. Good for some flying hours so I’m happy with this.

Then it’s time for my annual exams again. Training college has been closed with everything surrounding COVID-19 so I’m really not sure if it will be completed at training college or whether it will be done online, but I’m sure I will find out closer to the time.

Then afterwards is a layover in Singapore. I love Singapore a lot, and my friend Matt lives there so it’s always great to catch up! I have no idea on whether or not we will have restrictions or not, so fingers crossed with it being at the end of July, things may have eased up even more!

And that wraps up July! I wasn’t expecting a roster of flights when I saw the rosters had been published today, so it was a wonderful surprise to see. Slowly the world is going back to some form of normality in these very strange times!

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Charlotte says:

    Must be nice to feel like things are getting back to normal!


    1. Yeah definitely feels nice, can’t wait to get back to normal again!


  2. Mark says:

    Why are cabin crew required on 777-300 cargo flight?


    1. As cargo has increased they are sending passenger planes filled with cargo so theres a number of crew required for a safety aspect! Crew are not needed on a cargo plane though!


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