A Staycation: Fleeing To Fujairah

I managed to squeeze a few days off across Valentines weekend, and me and my boyfriend Alex had looked into going away on a little holiday. But with time approaching and the prices spiking due to Valentines, we decided to just head away for a little staycation as we enjoyed our one back in December so much. I had looked around online and found some different deals for different cities across the United Arab Emirates when we settled on Fujairah as it seemed the best deal for what we wanted. To just chill out and tan in the perfect UAE weather at the moment.

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Dubai – Fujairah

The drive over to Fujairah took us just short of two hours and was such a beautifully scenic drive across to the other coastline of the UAE. We arrived around 10am and we were given an early check in to our room which I was pleased about, and it was such a beautiful room too! We were staying at the Intercontinental Fujairah Resort and I could already tell from the drive in, the valet service and check in that we were going to have a perfect stay.


Seeing that view from our ginormous balcony, we got changed and went down to the pool and grabbed a cabana that was sat in the water. The sun was shining, there was a gentle breeze and some menus were brought over to us promptly with a wide selection of cocktails. It would have been rude not to go for a cocktail, I mean we were technically on our holidays, so I went for a mermaid breeze and Alex grabbed a beer and we sat soaking up the sunshine and popping in and out of the pool to cool down.



It wasn’t long before it was time for some lunch and we grabbed a salad and a chicken wrap to eat.


That evening we had decided to go to the seafood restaurant on the beach front in the hotel. I LOVE seafood and couldn’t wait to sit by the sea with a nice glass of wine and some scrummy seafood.

We got dressed up and walked down to the restaurant. We grabbed a table outside by the patio heaters as it was slightly chilly by the sea and we ordered a bottle of Prosecco and some oysters to share to begin with.

For the main course I went for the clam linguine and Alex went for the beef fillet. The food was exceptional, so delicious and we sat chatting away into the night listening to the live music from the band.


The next morning we decided to play a spot of tennis and burn some calories before we went down to the breakfast buffet that was included in our stay. Which I’m so glad we did, as what a breakfast buffet it was!


We began breakfast with our morning coffee, two cappuccinos and then continued with full english breakfasts served with made to order poached eggs. Alex went for some waffles with chocolate sauce afterwards and I grabbed some fruit and cereal and we enjoyed some freshly squeezed orange juice as well.

Ready to tan it was swim stuff on and back down to the pool for a day of relaxing once more.


The hotel was right on the beach front so we decided to walk along the beach and try to snorkel at snoopy island as it was so close by.

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We had left it too late in the day to go snorkelling unfortunately, so we agreed to go first thing the next day. It was a beautiful sunset stroll along the beach front, and there were lots of people wandering about (not that it looks like it in that picture, but further down), with hotels along the beach front filled up with families as it appeared we had planned our little staycation in the school holidays.

GPTempDownload 2

We decided to watch the sunset from the balcony with a glass of wine in hand before we set out to dinner and I’m so glad we did as it was a wonderful sunset.


For our dinner we went to the hotel next door (The Hilton) to try out their Thai Indian fusion restaurant as one of our favourite things to order in is Thai food and we were intrigued by the fusion. Despite it being a Sunday evening, we had to wait 45 minutes for a table so we grabbed a drink in the bar upstairs which looked a bit dated and rough around the edges and in desperate need of a refurb.


We finally sat down and ordered food, Alex went for a curry which was so yummy, and I definitely ordered the wrong thing. But oh well, sometimes we don’t make the right choices!

The next morning we woke up and it was a little chilly, definitely not the perfect weather for snorkelling and was also quite choppy waters! So we passed on snorkelling and had a lazy morning before going for our final breakfast and checking out.


How cute was this that they brought over to us at breakfast, such a personal touch and meant the world! Filled up on hash browns and beans (the best thing at breakfast) we went to pack up our belongings and begin the journey back to Dubai.

We had seen on the drive over a gorgeous looking cafe on the opposite side of the road which we couldn’t work out how to get to, so we said that we would stop on the way back to Dubai.


What a gorgeous cafe!! On the water you could rent pedalos and kayaks to go out on the water, very similar to our trip to Hatta just on the smaller side. We ordered some iced coffees to enjoy in the sunshine before continuing the journey back to Dubai.


A perfect staycation with Alex and one that we both so needed after a long stretch at work without annual leave. It felt so nice to just escape the city and relax, and the Intercontinental in Fujairah really was the perfect place for us to do that.

Back home in DXB

I can’t wait for this quarantine life to be over so I can get back to Dubai and try out some more staycations! As always, feel free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube:



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