Catching Up In Central Park

I’m working on a backlog of posts, I’ve been a bit lazy with my blog over the last couple of months, but I’m so glad as it’s going to give me something to crack on with until this pandemic is hopefully over and done with. I will explain more in an upcoming post but for now here’s from my trip to New York City!

I was originally rostered a flight to Melbourne, but as I have received a few of these layovers on my rosters recently I was desperate to swap for something else and managed for a 24 hour layover in New York City, a favourite destination of mine. What was even better was that one of my best friends Sapheena, who I went to India with back in 2016, was going to be on holiday there with her boyfriend. So it worked out perfectly for a catch up.

Leaving Dubai at 2:30am it was thirteen and a half hours over to John F Kennedy International Airport in New York. Landing in the early morning, we made our way into Manhattan to check into the hotel and I got changed ready to meet Sapheena and Nash.


I left the hotel and walked up towards Central Park. We had arranged to meet in the Loeb Boathouse for some Sunday afternoon brunch New York style. I had been a couple of times for drinks at the Loeb Boathouse but never for food, so I was looking forward to catching up over their delightful looking brunch menu.


It was a cold and crisp beautiful day in New York, I was wrapped up warm admiring the beautiful views of Central Park with the backdrop of the New York skyline. I bumped into them both as we wandered into Bethesda Terrace saying our hellos and commenting on how we feel so gossip girl!


We sat down at a table ordering Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas whilst scouring the menu.


I went for the eggs Benedict topped with truffle and served with seasonal curried vegetables. Something I wasn’t sure would feel right together, but worked so well!! Saph went for the fish and chips and Nash went for the roasted salmon.

Nash then went to do some shopping and left me and Saph to catch up over some bubbles before we continued our stroll through Central Park.


As we exited Central Park we walked down 5th Avenue popping in and out of the designer shops window browsing. As we got towards Macy’s it started to rain so we ducked inside to shelter from the rain.


Favourite shop!

It wasn’t long before we met back up with Nash and they had tickets to go and watch the basketball at Madison Square Garden. So we said our goodbyes and I walked back uptown to the hotel and of course had to stop by my FAVOURITE food cart Halal Guys to grab a platter to take back to bed.


Falling asleep at 6pm I woke up around 4am, unsure whether this was jet lag or whether or not I was rested enough, but I decided to wander out for my morning bagel despite it being pitch black.


Bacon, egg and avocado! So yummy! It wasn’t soon after that my phone rang for the wake up call and it was time to get ready for the flight back to Dubai. Such a last minute swap that pulled together so nicely, I’m always so happy to see New York on my roster and its even better when it’s spent with friends!

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