Snowfall In New York City

My very first flight of my first month in business class was taking me back to one of my all time favourite cities, New York. I bid for New York, in particular the airport JFK, so that I could finally see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lit up in all its glory. ONLY TO REALISE THAT IT WAS GETTING LIT TWO DAYS AFTER I WAS THERE. Absolutely typical of my luck if you ask me.

Anyway, landing into John F Kennedy International Airport at 8am, we commuted through the busy morning traffic to the hotel. I checked in and had arranged to meet one of the other crew Emma downstairs 45 minutes later. What was super lovely was that Emma was on my first operational flight in economy over four years ago and was now on my first operational in business. She really took me under her wing which was so appreciated when you feel like a bit of a lost lamb.

We met in the lobby and realised we had both shown up in almost the same outfit, beige padded bomber jacket with black jeans and ankle boots. Absolutely ridiculous and headed out into the snow for a coffee stop.


After this it was onto 5th Avenue to begin some Christmas Shopping. One thing I love about New York City is that as soon as Thanksgiving is over, Christmas has arrived. And when they do Christmas, they really do Christmas. I could so easily wander around at this time of year admiring the displays and the Christmas lights, so many homes and stores really do go all out, and with the snow falling down it just felt that much more magical.


In the midst of the Christmas shopping chaos of 5th Avenue is the Rockefeller Centre where the infamous  Christmas tree stands proudly, sadly unlit, but still.


The ice skating rink had a few skaters twirling in front of the tree and with the decorations and the snow falling, even with the lack of colourful lights adorning the tree it was still super festive.


Feeling cold and starting to resemble more snowmen than humans we continued with our Christmas shopping before calling at a rooftop bar I had been wanting to try called Refinery Rooftop.

The bar which I was used to seeing in many a summer Instagram post for its outdoor seating and rooftop views overlooking the Empire State Building was now transformed into an alpine winter lodge with a roaring open fire. With the snow dwindling past the windows, it was making the perfect setting to warm up from the cold and we ordered a glass of red and a cheese raclette to share chatting away into the afternoon.


We walked back up towards the hotel, stopping in Times Square to admire the view and stop in Sephora before grabbing a Halal Guys (if you read my blog regularly you know my obsession for their food) to take back to bed admiring all the Christmas decorations once more. It had been a long day of powering through, a fourteen hour flight and a time difference of nine hours, and I was so beyond ready for bed.


I woke the next morning just before the wake up call and got ready for the flight back to Dubai. It’s been so nice to have a change of scenery and although I’m still coming to terms with all the differences in our premium class cabins, it’s been so refreshing to have a change of scenery. Onwards and upwards!

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