December 2019 Roster

An exciting change for December, after a week of training I am now officially a business class crew member. I’m excited for a new change, a little apprehensive nonetheless, it feels like I’m taking on a new job but here is where I’ll be heading to in December…

JFK – New York, USA Layover
DME – Moscow, Russia Layover
LOS – Lagos, Nigeria Layover
ISB – Islamabad, Pakistan Turn Around
KWI – Kuwait Turn Around
BUD – Budapest, Hungary Layover
JNB – Johannesburg, South Africa Layover
MAN – Manchester, UK Layover

Kicking off the month is a flight to one of my all time favourite destinations New York City. I actually bid for this flight as for many years now I have been trying to get to New York in December to see the famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree. I was so excited when I finally saw this trip, and then all excitement came crashing down when they don’t actually light the tree until December 4th, and I am there December 2nd. SO CLOSE, yet so far away. So I’m going to try and have as much of a festive day as possible for my short but sweet twenty four hours in the big apple.

After this is a flight to Moscow, it’s been a while since I was last in Russia. I did actually bid for our other Russian destination St Petersburg but got the opposite instead. I’m trying to swap this as I’ve been to Moscow twice before already and it will be insanely cold this time of year. However, if not I’m hoping there will be a nice Christmas market to explore!

Back to back with this is a layover to Lagos in Nigeria, it is a new destination for me but I want to swap this for a layover home so that I can attend a funeral if possible.

Following on from here I have two turn arounds to Pakistan and Kuwait, which I always prefer when they put my turn arounds of the month together. Before heading off to a brand new country finally!! It’s been a while since I visited somewhere new and I’m so excited to be finally visiting Budapest in Hungary, which will be country seventy one for me. So if anyone has any recommendations, please do let me know.

After this is a flight to Johannesburg in South Africa. I originally had a flight to Frankfurt in Germany, however this swap is over Christmas and I am now going to be back very late Christmas Eve but this means I can now fly home for Christmas as I’ve managed a couple days off. So I’m SO excited for this. I’ll be spending Christmas in London this year which will make a nice change!

And my final flight of 2019 will be a layover in Manchester. I originally had a layover in Munich, but I swapped for this Manchester which leaves a day later and will have me flying for a layover at home for my birthday! A very first for me flying on my birthday, but it will be exciting to bring in my 26th year with my family and friends at home.

As for New Years Eve, I’m going to be in Dubai which will be nice. We just have to wait for those January rosters as to whether or not I can go out and celebrate! And that wraps up 2019! Where on earth has this year gone?! It’s been such an exciting year for me for sure, a few new countries visited, my first time solo travelling, moving apartments in Dubai and a promotion at work. Here’s hoping 2020 can top 2019, it’ll be hard to that’s for sure!

Congratulations Batch 123!

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  1. Brenda says:

    Congratulations on your new assignment Jessica, and yes 2020 will top 2019. I wish you all the best this festive season, safe travels and happy upcoming birthday!


  2. Terry says:

    The tree may not be lit at Rockefeller Center, but all the other lights and decorations will be up – so beautiful. The Rockettes Christmas show at Rockefeller Center is also wonderful. Don’t miss the Christmas store windows I hope you have a wonderful time there.


    1. I knew everything else would be up, but I’ve been wanting to see this tree lit for the longest time now haha! Will have to try again in 2020! Thanks for the link though Terry 🙂


  3. Congratulations. How long before one can apply to be business class crew.


    1. Thank you! It took me four years but that’s because we stopped recruitment for over two years.


  4. natalie says:

    I am sure Moscow has its charms too despite being a tad too close to freezing – I’d always wanted to go to the East!



    1. It’s a beautiful city is Moscow, I won’t be sad to return, I’ll just have to pack my big coat! X

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  5. Dale Estey says:

    I’m just wondering what your “solo” flight was? Were you the only cabin crew?


    1. I said solo travelling! Not operating a flight as a single operational crew haha. I took a trip to Tbilisi by myself, you can check out the post here:

      Jess 😊


      1. Dale Estey says:

        . Ah – your own personal trip. OK – that makes so much more sense. Thanks


  6. Hi Jessica,
    I have followed your blog silently since your first flight (I came through a research about what’s needed for the FI).
    I love your blog and especially your pictures, the quality is just amazing.
    Moreover I love that you are one of those flight attendants that takes the best from her job, always going out and explore during your layovers.
    I even saw a passenger posting a picture on twitter while you and another cabin crew are holding his baby and he was complimenting you and the other girl for the quality service!
    In January I will finally attend a Emirates Open Day in Munich, the closest city to where I live (Heidelberg).
    I am a little be scared by the height test, since I can easily reach 212cm, but I am 159cm. Do you know someone that it’s around this height and still works for the company?

    Plus, a lot of people tell me that a lovely place in Budapest is “Museum of Sweet and Selfies”.
    Oh, I also see that a lot of people tend to swap Frankfurt for something else: if you allow me to give a suggestion, next time you could go there and visit the city where I live (Heidelberg) since it’s just 50mins away from Frankfurt and it is stunning, especially during Christmas time (and I am saying that being Italian, so it is not even my city).
    Have safe flights,


    1. Hi Carmen!
      Thank you for your lovely comments, glad you enjoy reading my blog! I know everyone has their own reasons for why they do this job, but always baffles me when people don’t go out and make as much as they can of the city they’re staying in. There are girls of all different heights in the company, as long as you can reach 212cm you’ll be fine. My old flat mate was around a similar height I think, we use feet and inches in the UK so I’m never really too sure on cm haha, and she got the job.
      Thank you so much for the tips and recommendations, I will definitely check that out on my next FRA layover.


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