Reserve Round Three

The long month of reserve is over, and it has actually been a super pleasant month with many days off, and instead of feeling super tired, I’m actually feeling refreshed. In comparison to my previous reserve month back in 2018 where I did ten trips, I only did five on this one. I know I get a lot of interest in where reserve sends me and how it works out, so I’ve written up exactly what my month entailed.

For my my previous reserves you can check them out here:
October 2016
July 2018

1st – Day Off
2nd – Day Off
3rd – Rest Day
4th – Home Standby 3am – 11am
4th Update – Paris, France Layover
5th – Paris, France Layover
6th – Paris, France Layover
7th – Airport Standby 7:45am-11:45am (No Duty)
8th – Day Off
9th – Day Off
10th – Rest Day
11th – Dallas, USA Layover
12th – Dallas, USA Layover
13th – Dallas, USA Layover
14th – Dallas, USA Layover
15th – Day Off
16th – Day Off
17th – Day Off
18th – Day Off
19th – Airport Standby 6am-10am
19th Update: New York, USA Layover
20th – New York, USA Layover
21st – New York, USA Layover
22nd – Day Off
23rd – Day Off
24th – Day Off
25th – Day Off
26th – Home Standby 12pm-8pm
26th Update: Bahrain Turn Around
27th – Day Off
28th – Day Off
29th – Airport Standby 4pm – 8pm (No Duty)
30th – Rest Day
31st – Sialkot, Pakistan Turn Around

You might have noticed that there was no post on my trip to Dallas. I was feeling unwell after the flight and ended up having a more chilled out layover. I slept an insane amount, and popped to the mall. So there wasn’t much worth writing on! And that rounds up my reserve month, much different in comparison to last year as you can see. It’s back to a normal routine now and I’ll be heading to Munich in a couple of days.

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  1. Fergy. says:

    That was certainly a fairly relaxed month and I am firmly of the opinion that if you sleep a lot it is because you body needs it!


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