November 2019 Roster

I can’t believe we have received the second to last roster of 2019! Not the best roster, but an exciting one to say the least. In November I shall be heading to…

ATH/EWR – Athens, Greece and New Jersey, USA Multisector
CAI – Cairo, Egypt Turn Around
KWI – Kuwait Turn Around
JED – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Turn Around
MNL – Manila, Philippines Layover
LGW – London Gatwick, UK Layover
Business Class Upgrade Training

Kicking off the month is a six day trip to Athens and New Jersey, I feel like I only recently did this trip so it would be nice if I can get something different for it. My parents are also coming to Dubai during this time, so it would be fabulous if I could maximise my time with them whilst they are here.

After this I have a four back to back duties spread across six days. Three long turn arounds, one of which is on the A380 so is always super busy paired with a trip to Manila which is also a city I’m not that bothered about. I am trying to swap this for anything, and hopefully it works out in my favour.

After this is a flight to London Gatwick, its been a while since I’ve done a London flight and I can’t wait to catch up with my Auntie, Uncle and little cousins. They’re growing up so quickly, so its nice to spend as much time with them as possible. Plus they always make me a really amazing meal, so that is always an added bonus! What’s great about this trip is my best friend Kitty is coming across to Dubai and I will be flying her over with me! It’s always great to have friends on board and will be fabulous to spend a little more time together.

And that London Gatwick flight marks my last ever flight working in economy. It feels like I’ve come full circle as my first ever flight in economy was to London Heathrow, and now I’m ending my four years with a London Gatwick. I will then have five days in training college learning the many different services we offer in business class. I’m so excited to finally have a change from my day to day duties and have a new change of scenery.

And that wraps up November! As always, feel free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube:


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  1. natalie says:

    Sounds like your career is taking off! (no pun intended!)


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  2. doobai says:

    Hey Jessica! I wanted to ask if you are still in accomodation or if you moved out?
    If you moved out could you write a post about the process?
    Thank you โค


  3. Hey, I don’t live in crew accommodation. The company doesn’t offer this anymore but it was an easy process of just signing some forms, so wouldn’t really require a post! Hope that helps ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Cristy Perkins says:

    You are one of my favourite bloggers. Congrats on your career move upwards. Does the Business Class upgrade also mean you can work in First class or is there a separate training for that? Wish you best – xx


    1. Thank you Christy! Just business class, I will have to be upgraded once more to work in First! X


  5. Very nice. Hopefully I can learn a few things about the airline business and being an FA from your posts.

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