October 2019 Roster

Roster time again, and I was definitely not expecting this roster at all. In October I shall be going to…

Reserve Month

For those of you unfamiliar with reserve, I am essentially on standby for an entire month. Every night at 6pm, my roster will change for the following day to either a home or airport standby, a rostered flight or a day off. Click here and here to see how my previous two reserve months played out.

Iโ€™m glad I have been rostered it in October, as my mum and dad are visiting Dubai in November and then no one wants to be on reserve in December! Especially as my birthday falls in December too. Hopefully I have a lovely reserve month filled with new destinations or nice ones at the least, keep your fingers and toes crossed for me as it kicks off tomorrow!


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  1. Fergy. says:

    I have just checked out the two posts you linked about your previous reserve months and it was a fascinating read. I know it is probably a pain when you have to do it but as a traveller I love the concept of not knowing where you might end up tomorrow. It must be a nightmare to keep repacking a case for as you could be in Toronto in the snow or Perth in 35+ degrees all in the same month.


    1. It’s not the lack of knowing where I’m going, it’s the lack of sleep and inability to have much of a life for an entire month. Having eight hour standbys through the night and not sleeping well to then be told you have to operate a 16 hour flight, is very tough on your body, but I agree that its nice to have a bit of a surprise throughout the month. That’s if its a nice surprise haha! So fingers crossed for a lovely month for me!

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      1. Fergy. says:

        Fingers crossed indeed. If the proverbial genie gave you three wishes, what would be your ideal three layovers for the month?

        Many years ago when I was a young man (and that is many years ago!) I was in the Forces and we used to do that kind of thing on a virtually permanent basis, on more or less permanent standby and getting crashed out at all hours of the day and night. I once did 120 hours straight with a total of four hours sleep in that period and it totally wrecked me even though I was very fit in those days so you have my sympathy.


        1. Wow, 120 hours on 4 hours sleep would seriously not be possible for me. My longest sleep in one go was 21 hours, I felt so revived afterwards, clearly needed it. Good to know you can sympathise with the lack of sleep though! Three ideal layovers would probably be an Australian multisector as I never get sent to Australia, Santiago de Chile as I’m desperate to get there and tick off a new country and a UK flight home to see family and friends!


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