Blessed In Birmingham

I took the Sunday morning flight to Birmingham landing lunchtime to a gorgeous day. I’d arranged with my parents for them to drive down from Leeds so we could go for some Sunday lunch as it had been about six weeks since I’d last seen them. What was such a lovely surprise was that they’d also brought my grandparents down too which was so great to see as I walked into the hotel lobby to see my Grandma Myra walking down towards me! My Grandma is such a huge Emirates fan, and even has a top fan status on facebook so the crew insisted she jump in for a picture with everyone!


When I checked in, my mum came up to the room with me as she was going to be flying back with me as a passenger to stay in Dubai for a few days, and I got changed and we drove out to a nice pub I’d seen recommended a lot online called The White Swan.

We arrived and had a gin and tonic whilst we waited for our table, some of us had done a hard days work at this point!


We were shortly taken to our table and we looked at the menu before unanimously opting for five Sunday lunches. One good thing about this place is that they have unlimited gravy which I LOVE. Nothing I hate more than a dry Sunday lunch.


Food was beautiful and we ordered an extra side of cauliflower cheese too. I’d not eaten much all flight cause I knew I was going to be coming for Sunday dinner and it made it taste all that better too!


For pudding I ordered the melting chocolate peanut bomb which was filled with sticky toffee pudding and peanut butter cream. Served with Bourbon vanilla ice cream and a hot salted caramel sauce. It was served to me in a chocolate dome that had hot sauce poured over the top to reveal its contents.


We finished up our afternoon and went back to the hotel, and my Dad and Grandparents then began the drive back up North.

Myself and my mum went to the new rooftop bar next to the hotel for a night cap before calling it a day and heading to bed.


We woke up the next morning a couple of hours before the wake up call so that we could go for breakfast. I of course had to have a full English before the day flight back to Dubai.


A very mellow layover, but so enjoyed it to spend it with my family enjoying a Sunday lunch and also be surprised by my grandparents. Thanks for all coming to visit me and for a beautiful roast dinner, and so great to have you as a passenger on the flight back to Dubai Mum!


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