September 2019 Roster

Rosters have arrived for September, and to say this is my bottom bid I have been pleasantly surprised! I was wondering if I may be scheduled in for another reserve month with it being my bottom bid, but I was happily not. So next month I shall be heading off to…

CMN – Casablanca, Morocco Layover
MCO – Orlando, USA Layover
BHX – Birmingham, UK Layover
SEA – Seattle, USA Layover
BAH – Bahrain Turn Around
VIE – Vienna, Austria Layover

Kick starting the month is a 35 hour layover in Casablanca, slightly longer than the usual layover there which is nice. I would love to swap this for somewhere different, I’m not overly fussed for a third time in Casablanca, however if no swaps are accepted it would be nice to visit a different town close by!

After this is a three day layover in Orlando which will be amazing, its just a shame this isn’t across a weekend so that my sister can come and visit me as this is the closest destination to where she is in Alabama! However, I know this will be such a fun layover and I cannot wait to visit another theme park but also get up to something a little bit different! It’s been a good couple of years since I was last here, so I can’t wait to return for what will probably feel like a mini holiday.

After this is a layover in Birmingham in the UK. This falls across a weekend so my parents are going to drive down so we can head out for some Sunday lunch together! I originally had two back to back night time layovers, and when someone sent me this Birmingham I couldn’t accept fast enough.

After this it’s back stateside again, I couldn’t believe it when I saw two US destinations in one month on my roster. I actually bid for Australia for my September roster, but got sent in the opposite direction, not once but twice! I’ve been once before to Seattle, and this does fall across a weekend so I’m really hoping that I can get my sister to come and visit. Flights are just looking quite pricey though which is annoying!

After this is my one and only turn around of the month which is lovely, before a layover in Vienna. I have a Vienna layover at the end of August, so I’m not too bothered to return so quickly. I’ve placed it on the swaps page in the hope of something else so fingers crossed for something nice!

And that rounds up September! I’m hoping to squeeze in a little mini trip somewhere into the month, it’s been way to long since I’ve ticked off a new country so hopefully the standby loads are in my favour and I can visit somewhere new. It’ll also be my four year anniversary in Dubai next month, it’s crazy to think how long I’ve been living in the Middle East!

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  1. Ken S.M says:

    Welcome back to Florida. You might be visiting at a bad time. A huge hurricane is heading towards Orlando area right on time for the Labor Weekend. The parks might be closed depending on how bad it gets. Even we at FLL are worried and preparing for it. Let’s hope for the best. Pray for us.

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