Making Memories In Mallorca

I had applied for leave to go away with the six other girls that I lived with at university, however August is one of the most popular months for annual leave and sadly I didn’t get assigned it. Albeit, this didn’t stop me. Doing everything I could on the swaps page I managed to give myself four days where I could get to and from Palma de Mallorca where my friends were going. We hadn’t been together as a seven since 2016, so I was seriously adamant that I was going to make it! So after landing back in Dubai from Dublin, I went straight to the airport in the hopes I would make it on the Emirates flight to Frankfurt as this was the best timed connection to Palma.

Goodbye rainy Frankfurt

Thankfully, I squeezed one of the last seats on the flight to Frankfurt and landed around 8am with a couple of hours to spare before my connecting flight with Ryanair. The weather in Frankfurt was rainy so I was very happy to be leaving the gloominess of Germany and heading over to Spain.

Hello sunny Mallorca

Landing just after 1pm, I made my way out of the airport and jumped in a taxi over to the AirBnb the girls had booked. They’d rented a three bedroom villa by the beach that also had its own pool. Relaxation was key for this holiday with all them deserving a well earned break but we also wanted to reminisce our favourite moments of university which were when we were all in the house together. The villa was beautiful and the perfect set up for what we wanted. For anyone interested or heading to Palma, here is the link.


When I arrived at the hotel to an extremely warm welcome from the girls, as we really weren’t sure until the last minute if I was even going to attend at all, it was straight into the pool with celebratory gin and tonics.

All seven of us back together again!

After a leisurely afternoon lounging in the pool in the villa, it was time to get ready for dinner and a bit of a night out in Palma. After getting ready and sat around the table having a few drinks together, it was up onto the rooftop for that golden hour photoshoot watching the sun go down. It had the most perfect view for watching the sunset!

Placing the GoPro on the balcony wall for that entire group shot!

It was so lovely to be back with every single one of my lovely ladies and catch up and just spend time doing absolutely nothing together, it was definitely worth the long effort of reaching here from Dubai.


Finally it was time to head out into the town of Palma for some dinner and a night out on the town. Rosanna has been to Palma numerous times and booked a great restaurant for dinner called Lá Boveda which was absolutely amazing. Ordering sangria for the table we ordered a whole host of dishes. I think around three plates of padron peppers arrived which are a must when you’re in Spain in my eyes. What arrived was a Spanish tapas feast and everything tasted incredible.


Feeling full up we continued on into the night experiencing the nightlife of Palma.

The next morning, we all woke up a little worse for wear ready to have another chilled out day. As I was only here for two days, I wasn’t bothered for exploring and sightseeing like I usually am. I’d had a flat out few days and knew it would be busy when I got back to Dubai so I was more than happy chilling out and catching some of the bearable rays as tanning is just not an option at the moment in Dubai, it is way too hot.


That evening we went to a different town called El Pilari and we saw that they had an El Chiringuito that was showing great reviews for paella which we were all craving. We piled around the table watching the sun go down in the picturesque restaurant and looked through the menu.

We opted for two different paellas. Myself and Julie went for the shell on seafood paella, and the rest of them for the mixed paella.


It was absolutely heavenly and just what I wanted. So beautifully cooked but the portion sizes were absolutely ginormous! There was enough for two bowls each!


After a night cap we made our way back for my last night in the villa sadly. I woke up the next morning and after checking the loads to get back to Dubai (standby life) it seemed a good option would be to fly to either Hamburg or Vienna. And after looking online at loads with other airlines and the price of full fare tickets, I found an absolutely bargain €25 last minute full fare with EuroWings. I had to leave a few hours earlier than I envisioned however for a guaranteed seat at that price I couldn’t say no! Flights to Hamburg were coming in five times more expensive, and EuroWings even checked my bag in for this price too! Amazing service from EuroWings, I couldn’t fault them other than they had no hot water on board and I was gasping for a cup of tea! Good job I had plenty of time to spare in Vienna airport before the Emirates flight over to Dubai.

I had a perfect little mini break with my best friends from university, thanks for a great holiday girls. I can’t wait for the next one which I can hopefully attend for the entire thing!

Not an overly exciting and informative blog post, but every now and again I do need to recharge my batteries and opt for some much needed rest and relaxation! As always, feel free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube:



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    Wonderful posts. Thank you. I like and i share. Take care and enjoy.


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