August 2019 Roster

Finally the August rosters are here and I was apprehensive to see as it was my top bid month! I got a nice mix to be fair, so in August I will be heading to…

KWI – Kuwait Turn Around
PEK – Beijing, China Layover
OPO – Porto, Portugal Layover
DUB – Dublin, Ireland Layover
MXP – Milan, Italy Layover
IAH – Houston, USA Layover
VIE – Vienna, Austria Layover

Kicking off the month is my one and only turn around and a nice, quick and easy one too! Followed by a flight to Beijing. It’s been a while since I was last in Beijing, I’ve placed it on the swaps page for something different, if not it’s a layover in China for me.

Following on from this is our newest destination of Porto in Portugal. I’m looking forward to heading back to Portugal as its been three years since I was last here and will be nice to tick off a new destination too. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations for me, let me know as it’s still a very new destination for the crew too.

Next up is a trip to the Emerald Isle visiting the capital city of Dublin. I’m excited for this trip, my old flat mate Hannah who resigned a few months ago will be able to come and visit me, so I’m so excited to catch up with her and in her home country too!

After this is a trip to Milan, it will be great to head back here and especially in the summer too. I’m hoping to get out and visit Lake Como finally.

It wouldn’t be a roster for me without a ULR to the US, and this time it’s back to Texas but with a different destination of Houston. My little sister is going to study abroad in the US, just like I did back in 2014, and is heading to Alabama. Not that far from Texas and across a weekend so we’re going to play it by ear if she can come and visit me as she will have only been there a week!

And ending the month with a trip to Vienna. This is another new destination for me, and one that I’ve been wanting to see on my roster for a while. I’m hoping to take the train across to Bratislava though rather than stay in Vienna as I know for a fact I’ll be back to Vienna before long enough, more than likely with a ski holiday.


And that rounds up August! There’s a few swaps up on the swaps page which I’m going to sit and scroll through now, so stay posted for where I end up. As always, feel free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more daily updates:




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  1. Melanie Fuhrman says:

    Hi Jessica,
    I read your blog occasionally. Interesting roster you got this month. You must be excited to meet your sister. Orlando is little closer to Alabama than Houston is. You sisters will have a blast in Disney. Just my two cents. Have a fabulous month. xx


    1. Hey Melanie,
      I’m aware Orlando is much closer but Orlando is also one of our much sought after destinations and there’s no way someone would accept the swap for Houston haha! I’ve managed to swap it for Boston anyway as my sister couldn’t actually visit that weekend and I’ve got a friend in Boston too. There’s always next time!
      Jess x


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