Stellar Stockholm

Back from leave and back to work and it was a two day layover in Stockholm which made a nice treat! Usually layovers are only the one day, so I was very happy to not have to rush around like always. Departing Dubai at 8am, it was a lovely six hours over to Stockholm Arlanda Airport in Sweden. Landing at lunch time, we made our way through immigration and across to the hotel. It had been a long time since I was last in Stockholm back in 2016, and it was a much different season this time too which was nice.

When I got to the hotel, I changed and googled a great place for Swedish meatballs, and decided to walk the scenic route in the glorious sunshine. It was a lovely and crisp spring day. The sort of weather where you need a light jacket, and I set off in the direction of the Old Town. Not before grabbing a coffee of course!


The old town otherwise known as Gamla Stan is filled with gorgeously different coloured houses through winding back streets. Almost like a charming maze that you were happy to get lost in.


I could have just easily wandered around all day admiring the rustic architecture and checking out the different cafes, bars, restaurants and shops that adorned the streets.


As it was a Sunday it was very busy in the old town packed out with both tourists and locals, so not long after I headed out of the old town and across the river in the direction of the restaurant.


Across the river there are some amazing shops, I could have spent so much money on clothes that I don’t need, but definitely want to head back here in the future!


I’d chosen a place called Meatballs For The People for lunch/dinner (it was at that weird time of the day where you’re in between meals) as they boasted a great variety of meatballs at a decent price. It was quite the way out of town, more in the residential area but totally worth the walk out.

I ordered a refreshing Swedish cider and I was given some kind of crisp bread with a garlic herb butter. Wow. This butter/dip/spread was amazing, I had to stop myself from eating the entire thing so that I wouldn’t spoil my main.

The menu was relatively small, however I seriously struggled to chose what to eat! I opted for the Swedish Classic after recommendations from the waiter and oh my word. This has got to be the best meatball dish I’ve ever eaten. The mashed potatoes were so creamy, the meatballs so tender the accompaniment of lingon berries with pickled cucumber paired with the amazing gravy was just out of this world. I can’t recommend heading to this restaurant enough if you’re ever in Stockholm.


I paid the bill and stepped outside to explore a little more with some recommendations from one of the waiters when about two minutes into my walk it began to rain. And I mean, seriously rain. I didn’t have an umbrella with me or a hood and I was honestly soaked within a few minutes. Feeling a bit cold and miserable, I decided to just continue the walk back to the hotel and scrap the sightseeing.


I got back to the hotel looking like a bit of a drowned rat and decided to call it a night. A few of the crew were meeting for drinks but after an early start and a long day I was ready to jump into bed.

A gorgeous day in Stockholm, I walked, I ate and enjoyed my day. Stay posted for how I spent my second day of my extended layover. As always, feel free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more daily updates:


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