Bliss In The Bahamas: Part Two

Continuing on from my previous post, we woke up the next day and wanted a more chilled out and relaxed one, as the day before involved an early start and was pretty none stop! We had a bit of a lie in before we grabbed a morning coffee and parked ourselves up on some sun beds for the day.

Anyone else an avid Hincher? My Mum lent me her book for my holiday!

I swear the sun is much stronger in the Bahamas then any other place! It was around mid 30s (95F) and despite slathering ourselves in high factor suncream we still seem to be burning!

To give ourselves a break from the sun, we went for lunch by the pool in the shade. A local delicacy is Conch Salad in the Bahamas and I was desperate to try it. Seafood is a staple in the Bahamas. Conch, a large tropical mollusk with firm, white flesh, is the national dish of the Bahamas. Conch can be prepared in a number of ways: served raw with lime juice, raw vegetables and even fruit called conch salad. It can be steamed, stewed, deep-fried (“cracked conch” or conch fritters), used in soups (especially conch chowder), or served in salads.


It was an interesting salad, I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it. I wish I’d have gone for the cracked conch fritters instead! It was a nice lunch however, and good to escape the sun for a short while.

The hotel also had free stand up paddle boarding and kayaking! So after lunch had settled, we had a play around on the water!


Look how gorgeous those waters are! There were so many small fish swimming around the waters too, I could have just lounged around on the water all day long. What was crazy was, in the late afternoon, my friend Dalton replied to me on Instagram saying that his cruise ship had docked that morning and he was literally right next to me along the beach! It was too later in the day to meet up though which was such a shame! How lovely to be in the Bahamas for work though!

That evening, we got ready and went out of the hotel for dinner. We’d had a little look online and found a place called Lukka Kairi.


It was the most glorious sunset that evening as we walked along the waterfront, we couldn’t wait to grab a cocktail and watch the sun go down.


The one thing we found about Nassau was that it was predominantly a cruise ship town, and when the cruise ships left, so did everyone else. So finding places that would stay open and actually had people inside proved quite difficult. Hower, Lukka Kairi had great food and drinks with a nice view to watch the cruise ships set sail.

IMG_3736 2

The following day we had a trip booked to Blue Lagoon Island which was around a twenty five minute boat ride just outside of Nassau. We had heard it was good for snorkelling, with nice beaches and had plenty of different things to do there. The day trip cost $76 and an additional $20 for a days snorkel rental.


We docked in the lagoon and walked out into the most serene looking island. Palm trees everywhere decorated with coconuts, and sun loungers scattered in between. The sun was shining and we went straight to pick up some snorkel gear.


FullSizeRender 6

We went to the opposite of the island as the staff recommended this best for snorkelling and we slathered on the suncream before jumping in the water.

What is it about a snorkel mask that makes your face look so funny?

We snorkelled for around forty minutes, and we were all quite disappointed. You couldn’t really go out too far, and there wasn’t that much to see either. We’d opted for Blue Lagoon Island day trip rather than a five hour snorkel trip and we were immediately regretting this decision. However, it was my first time trying out my new GoPro underwater properly!

t/sdcard/DCIM/100GOPRO/GOPR0253t/sdcard/DCIM/100GOPRO/GOPR0236GPTempDownload 2.jpg

Feeling a little disheartened, we went back on to the beach and about thirty minutes later it began to rain. So we took this as an opportunity to go for lunch which was included in the price of the day trip.

After lunch, we moved around the island for a different sun spot, I went for a walk around the island and spotted the inflatable water assault course and some sting rays! The island itself is quite small, but has a few different beaches for you to try out.


We tried snorkelling again, not really any fish on this side of the island, but we were trying to perfect the underwater swim shot. I’ve got to tell you, I don’t know how people do it, we were trying everything! But I guess practice makes perfect, I might have to get an underwater tripod haha.


Before we knew it, our time was up on Blue Lagoon Island. Wouldn’t overly recommend this trip unless you’ve got young kids. It’s a great place for families, but all the activities that they offer are pretty pricey and seriously add up!


I can’t recommend visiting the Bahamas enough, however I would not advise to stay in Nassau. I would definitely stay in Exuma if and when I return to the Bahamas at some point. It’s a really beautiful place that hasn’t been destroyed by the impacts of tourism and is done in a sustainable manner from what I observed. So if the Bahamas is somewhere that you do want to visit, make sure you look into staying in Exuma!

I had great, albeit expensive, holiday that I will never forget. I did so many bucket list things that I wanted to do and all of this with two of my best friends. Where will we end up next year?!


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  1. Wow! You covered a lot in the Bahamas.It’s a shame you have to pay such exorbitant price for the is worth it.Usually, We buy from the tour operators at Group rates and pass it on to our cruise guests at far low prices.The Bahamas is just a tip of the iceberg of what the
    Caribbean has to offer.You have to visit St Martin(one side speaks French and the other side Dutch) ,St Thomas(beaches as clear as bathtub),ABC(Aruba,Bonaire and Curacao) islands,our friendly Jamaica(Wah gwan,Mon?) and of course,the newly opened up Cuba(Bienvenidos!). Best way is to take a Caribbean cruise in one of our amazing Royal Caribbean ships.Come back again with your family.

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    1. cbholganza says:

      i wanna go there! how much for the cruise, ken? will definitely check out royal carib.


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