March 2019 Roster

Rosters are here once more, and sadly nothing I bid for again. So after many hours on the swaps page, my updated March will be…

KWI – Kuwait City, Kuwait Turn Around
DAC – Dhaka, Bangladesh Layover
HKT – Phuket, Thailand Layover
DMM – Dammam, Saudi Arabia Turn Around
ZRH – Zurich, Switzerland Layover
MAN – Manchester, UK Layover
BEY – Beirut, Lebanon Turn Around
BKK – Bangkok, Thailand Layover

Starting off the month, my first turn around of the three is a quick trip to Kuwait and back followed on by a layover in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I‘ve had a layover here just once before and I would ideally like to swap this or as a pair with the turn around. Hopefully I can use my last swap of the month for this! I was hoping for some days off to join my family skiing but no such luck.

After this is Phuket which is a pleasant surprise to see, as usually you have to bid to get this! It’s around a year or so since I was last here, and our hotel has changed so it will be nice to see a new area, or potentially venture out for a tour! Fingers crossed the crew are keen for something.

After this is another very quick turn around to Saudi Arabia before heading off to Zurich. I originally had Barcelona but someone sent me a swap for Zurich which I couldn’t accept fast enough. I haven’t been to Zurich since 2016, so I’m excited to venture back for some more cheese fondue and do some more exploring. Maybe head up the Swiss Alps?

After this is a trip home to Manchester. I originally had Munich (again, I know) paired with a turn around to Karachi in Pakistan but I swapped this so it would give me a string of days off afterwards as my best friend Ellie is coming to stay and we’re planning a little vacation to Oman which is exciting! If anyone has any tips for Oman, please let me know!

Ending the month is a turn around to Beirut, which was originally a layover in Moscow. I very rarely swap layovers for turn arounds but it gave me more days off to spend with my friend. Followed by Bangkok, where I last visited in September with my sister. A much loved layover that will definitely involve a massage, at least two portions of mango sticky rice and delicious room service. I hoping to do a cycle tour of an island in the city, so I’m hoping someone is keen to join me!

And that ends March! A busy month with a mix thrown in there and no long flights! As always, feel free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more daily updates:


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Marie says:

    Hello Jess, it will be nice from you to visit Marina Cristina Foundation in Bangladesh…


  2. iyetundeadeyemi says:

    How do you get to bid for flights in Emirates? And also I noticed you love Thailand? Please tell me about Thailand if you can.


    1. We get to bid for flights each month for the following months roster, with a different priority each month. Not sure what you want to know on Thailand? Iโ€™ve just had some nice layovers there ๐Ÿ˜Š


      1. iyetundeadeyemi says:

        Is Thailand the best place to shop for clothes


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