January 2019 Roster

To say this was my top bid month, I was quite disappointed to not have even received one thing I asked for. I’ve used all three swaps already to help me do the things I wanted to do in January so it’s not looking like the most exciting month for me. Anyway, in January I shall be going to…

BHX – Birmingham, UK Layover
LGW – London Gatwick, UK Layover
PVG – Shanghai, China Layover
TPE – Taipei, Taiwan Layover
CAI – Cairo, Egypt Turn Around
BOM – Bombay, India Turn Around
BGW – Baghdad, Iraq Turn Around
MAN – Manchester, UK Layover

I originally had a trip to Hanoi in Vietnam which I was looking forward to visiting, but I swapped this last minute for a Birmingham flight as after this I had a few days off to go skiing with my parents as I always do around this time of year.

Following on from this I had Düsseldorf, which is a destination I’m not overly fond of. To extend my days off, I then swapped onto a Gatwick flight where I’ll be able to catch up with family and friends in London.

Back to back with this is Shanghai, a destination I really do enjoy the last couple of times I’ve visited. I’m yet to see the skyline of Shanghai lit up at night which is meant to be incredibly impressive. There are also a lot of first timers on this flight so I’m hoping there’s some crew to join me in venturing out into the city.

After this is Taipei! I haven’t been here since I last visited with my best friend Chantelle back in 2016. It’s a great destination and home to the birth place of one of my favourite restaurants Din Tai Fung which I will most definitely be visiting. If anyone has any recommendations of what to do please let me know, as I just visited Elephant Mountain last time I was there! 

I then have three back to back long turn arounds to Cairo, Bombay and Baghdad. It seems the rostering gods were not on my side for my top bid month, but at least I can get them out of the way at once.

Ending the month with a trip to Manchester. I was meant to be flying to Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, but I swapped as my best friend who works on a cruise ship is going to be home for two weeks and I won’t have seen her in a whole year! Unsure whether I’ll go home or we’ll stay in Manchester but I know it will be a super fun day spent together with her.


And that wraps up the first roster of 2019, stay posted for what I get up to this month. As always, feel free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more daily updates:



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  1. Myra North says:

    Hi Jess , so good you were able to spend time in Rauris Austria with Mum and Dad ! short but sweet ” the weather with so much snow and the forcast of avalanche conditions ..makes ski-ing rather difficult i know ! i have heard you say .. still good to catch up with family … tons of love xxxxxxxxxx


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