A Super Special Stansted

I swapped my trip to Prague for a special trip to one of our new destinations in the UK which is Stansted. Usually I wouldn’t swap a nice European layover for a London flight but this one was an extra flight where we would be deadheading on the way to London Stansted as we were taking an extra flight back to Dubai the next day. For those of you who don’t know what deadheading is, it is when you are paid to travel as a passenger for operational reasons. I’ve deadheaded once before when I did a trip to Accra last year, however I was sat in economy. Whenever there is space in business class, we get to travel as a business class passenger and experience our amazing service that we offer. And this time I was lucky, at the last minute a few passengers didn’t make their connection and I was bumped up to business, so I thought I would show you all how lovely the service and experience was!

We departed Dubai at 9:30am and we got on board and changed into our regular clothes and I got myself settled and sorted for the 7 hours 30 minute flight. Before take off we were given a welcome drink, menus, and hot towels.


Goodbye Dubai!

After take off we were offered a mattress for our already incredibly comfy seat and a drink of our choice was brought to us whilst meals were heated. I opted for a cup of tea, which was brought out with some shortbread and a bowl of warm nuts. The crew attending to me was called Dora and here she took my lunch order which I really struggled to choose from…


I opted for the king prawns and the lamb shanks and whilst I waited for lunch I got comfortable and sorted out my seat. I reclined my seat and popped on my soundproof headphones and pulled out the tablet to have a browse through the new selection of films we have on board.


I put on Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and grabbed a pineapple juice from my own personal mini bar as I waited for lunch. This is the life, huh?


Before I knew it lunch arrived and my king prawns were brought out with a lovely side salad and a warm piece of bread, and this was only to start with.


I absolutely devoured this, before it was followed by my main course.


The crew then came around with the bread basket, where I took a couple of pieces of garlic bread and topped up waters and offered wine to other passengers (we couldn’t drink as we were technically on duty). I was then offered desert which I politely declined as I was full to the brim and wanted nothing more than to doze off as I had such a bad nights sleep prior. I extended my seat flat out into a bed, pulled on my eye mask and had a couple of hours sleep.

I was then woken up to the smell of food drifting through the cabin again. It was time for the second service where I went for sweet and sour prawns and scallops with rice with another cup of tea which was so lovely to wake up to.


Not shortly after this we had the captains PA and we were starting our decent into London, I’ve never wanted work to not end so much in my life! What a wonderful experience and to be paid for it too?! What a wonderful early Christmas gift, thank you so much Emirates!

I just love the greenery as soon as you get into UK airspace!

After checking in, I made my way into central London for a bit of Christmas shopping and to catch up with a couple of my friends at their Christmas parties.

A shorter layover than the standard Stansted one but we were taking an extra flight back to Dubai, which was a busy daytime one with us back in Dubai for midnight. A great trip with a great crew, one that I’ll remember for a long time!


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  1. Myra North says:

    Hi Jess …sounds a super super flight to London , on business class too ! I am very impressed reading about the service you experienced !! you so deserve it ..and will remember it as you say ! tons of love Grandma Myra xx


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