December 2018 Roster

I can’t quite believe I’m writing this, the final roster of 2018 is here? Where on earth has this year gone?! It doesn’t feel like five minutes ago since I was on my way to work for the first flight of the year headed to Hong Kong. There’s always a certain amount of nerves surrounding this roster as it is not only Christmas but my birthday in December! This is also another shocker, but I am over the moon with my December roster, I couldn’t have asked for better! So, in the month of December I shall be heading to…

MCT – Muscat, Oman Turn Around
COK – Cochin, India Layover
LAX – Los Angeles, Layover
PRG – Prague, Czech Republic Layover
MAD – Madrid, Spain Layover
AMS – Amsterdam, The Netherlands Layover
Normal Annual Leave
BUD – Budapest, Hungary Layover

Kicking off the month is my one and only turn around of the month, and our shortest flight as crew. A quick 45 minute flight to Oman and back, we spend more time on ground than we do in the air. Followed with a layover to Cochin in India. This will be my first time in India as crew, I’ve only ever done the turn arounds. So I’m excited to explore some more of India as it’s almost two and a half years since I went on holiday!

After this is a trip to LA, I was last in LA around a year and a half ago. I didn’t rate it that much, and I’d bid for New York so I could see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree as I’m still yet to see it!! So I’ve sent out a few swaps, if not, back to LA to explore something new! Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Following on from this is Prague, I’ve been here once before and its a beautiful city. I’ve put it on the swaps page for something new as crew are mad for Europe over Christmas for the Christmas Markets, but as you can see I have plenty! So who knows where I may end up.

After this is Madrid which is a new city for me to visit. I didn’t bid for it either which is exciting to have it on my roster. I shall look forward to some tapas and sangria and exploring this new destination. I need to have a little research on what to do here other than having a wander through the Buen Retiro.

Following this is Amsterdam, I visited last summer and I’m not overly bothered to return. I’m trying to swap this for a turn around so I can extend my leave and make it home in time for Mad Friday. We shall see.

Then I have Christmas leave! I am BEYOND excited to head home for the festive period, there is nothing I love more than being home for Christmas. It’s also my birthday during this time and it’s nice to not have to fly back to Dubai by myself on my birthday. Let the birthday celebrations commence!

Bringing in 2019 and bringing me back from leave is a trip to Budapest. What better way to end the year by ticking off a new country?! Can’t wait to explore Budapest and (hopefully) celebrate New Years Eve with the crew!

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  1. Sounds like quite a special month! Can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures! Safe travels!

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    1. Thank you Sid, I look forward to seeing what I get up to in December!

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