“New York, New York, a city so nice, they named it twice”

I’m not quite sure how I managed to pull this off, but I managed to swap my three long back to back turn arounds, (Dhaka, Bombay and Mashad) for a flight to New York! I was beyond happy to see this swap, and got planning what would be a fun filled trip. We departed Dubai at 3am and landed into Newark Liberty International Airport at 9am Friday morning. Myself and one of the crew, Julie, had decided to book tickets for a Broadway show and we’d opted for the Lion King. Tickets were pretty pricey as it was a Friday night and the Lion King is an insanely popular show and we ended paying $150 each. Once we’d sorted this, I napped for a couple of hours before I went to meet Julie downstairs in the lobby.

We took the train to Penn Station and from there decided to walk to a restaurant I’d been recommended by my flatmate Hannah. She’d been in New York the week before and had told me I’d love this restaurant in Chelsea Market called Very Fresh Noodles (check out their instagram and you’ll see why @veryfreshnoodles).


It took about 25 minutes to walk there as we took a little bit of a wrong turn, and when we finally arrived at Chelsea Market it seemed the restaurant had been completely shut down? We were so confused as we’d just been looking on their instagram page and also my friend Hannah was there just last week? A little disheartened we roamed through Chelsea Market before we came to a Korean restaurant with a good menu. I went for a bowl of ramen and Julie some bibimbap, washed down with Korean Green Tea mixed with strawberry soju. Food was great, if a little expensive, and we sat chatting away for an hour or so.


We had a browse through this cute and quirky market which sold the best things! They also had an abundance of restaurants and I saw people eating from a seafood restaurant and devouring whole lobsters to themselves, something I could definitely get onboard with. I definitely want to come back and spend more time here and try lots of different foods.

The queue for Los Mariscos was CRAZY, they must have some insane Mexican food


On the way out, we then walked past Very Fresh Noodles, which had opened a bigger location. We couldn’t believe it. But we now both have something new to try when we come back to New York.


We then made our way uptown to Times Square where the majority of Broadway theatres are. You can’t pass through Times Square without taking a few pictures though!


Finally it was time to go across to the Minskoff Theatre to see Lion King! Going to the theatre is one of my favourite things to do, and SO many people had told me how good Lion King is both on Broadway and the West End.


We grabbed our tickets and excitedly got in line to enter and find our seats, we were in the mezzanine which I thought would be bad seats. But its actually a small (ish) theatre and gave a great view of the staging of the show and we really didn’t miss a thing up here, and weren’t even that far away from the stage.


Before we sat down though, we got ourselves a pre show beverage which were served in cute Lion King cups!

And finally the show opened up with The Circle Of Life.


I thought the show was good, very good in fact, but I just wasn’t completely blown away like I have been by other musicals. Maybe its to do with most people telling me that this was the BEST show they have ever seen and nothing compares, so my expectations were just through the roof. I also think that because a lot of the songs aren’t in English, I didn’t feel as absorbed as I usually do. Whenever I go to the theatre, I usually leave wishing I was a) talented enough to pursue a career in musical theatre and b) been pushed into it more as a child so that this could be my everyday, but I didn’t feel that when leaving here! I’d had such a high expectations for this and paid so much money too. Don’t get me wrong, the staging and costume design and props they had were second to none and the character of Zaza was absolutely brilliant. I’d definitely go and see it to experience it for yourself, but I was blown away so much more by School Of Rock which I saw back in January and also Matilda which I saw a few years ago on a family holiday to New York. Matilda is without a doubt, one of, if not, the best show I’ve ever seen. The talent and music was just incredible, and I downloaded the soundtracks instantly which I still listen to regularly now (on my favourite musicals playlist). Ah well, I still had a lovely evening and when the show finished we made our way back to the hotel absolutely exhausted after our long travel day and treks across New York.


I’ve seen a quote before “A bad day in New York is better than a good day anywhere else” but can someone please tell me if you can have a bad day in New York? Cause I don’t think you can. I just love New York SO much.

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