A Little Layover In Luanda

Back to work after some nice time off, and it was to a new country for myself – Angola! Departing Dubai at 10am, it was 8 hours over to Quatro de Fevereiro Airport in Luanda, Angola. One thing, that I was NOT expecting from Angola is that they speak Portuguese! This is because Angola was colonised by Portugal, and you can still see the Portuguese influence in the city, with the red tiled roofs, just like you see in Lisbon.

Flying into African airspace, we seemed to be racing Ethiopian air. It’s very rare you get to see another aircraft from this perspective, and it was so cool to see, and we followed them for about ten minutes until they decreased their altitude as they landed into Addis Ababa. I wonder if they could see our huge aircraft above them with Emirates branded in bright red across the bottom.

Anyway, landing at 3pm, we made our way across town to the hotel and checked in. I’d arranged to meet one of the crew by the pool, as we’d been told there’s not very much to do in Luanda but its also not very safe, especially to go out alone.

Beautiful hotel!

Laying out by the pool, it was nice to see they had a huge screen up and we’re playing a repeat of the previous night’s England match which was nice to sit and watch.


Despite me googling the weather prior and assume the temperatures meant it was warm, I was actually laid shivering on the sun bed.


As the sun began to set, I went back to my room to change before I met the crew for dinner. Except, when I met them in the lobby, they were just keen to go for a few drinks. We went out of the hotel for approximately five minutes as a group of six, and I have never felt so unsafe in such a short period of time. With none of them wanting to eat, I went back to the hotel and opted for the Italian restaurant which I’d heard was very good.

One other thing about Angola is that it’s incredibly pricey. They use USD and a bowl of very plain pasta cost $30… thank goodness for 50% crew discount.

With not much else to do, I headed to bed for a lovely long sleep, exhausted after my busy leave and straight back into flying. I actually managed to sleep for thirteen and a half hours before I got up for breakfast, and went back to bed again.


Anyway, this is crew life sometimes. I had kind of hoped for a bit more from Luanda, and was even unsure whether to post on it or not. But I didn’t want to completely disregard visiting this new country for me!

After this trip, I had a quick layover to Manchester where I visited home, so there’s not much to write on there. But back to that layover life once more.

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