October 2018 Roster

We’re really cracking on with the year now aren’t we! When The X Factor starts on the television, that in my head signals the start of the countdown to Christmas. Only 97 days to go!! ANYWAY, before I get ahead of myself, in October I shall be heading to…

FLL – Fort Lauderdale, USA Layover
FRA – Frankfurt, Germany Layover
EDI – Edinburgh, UK Layover
MCT – Muscat, Oman Turn Around
KUL – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Layover
LHR – London, UK Layover
Normal Annual Leave

Kicking off the month with a trip to Miami! I’m SO excited, it’s my final American destination in the Emirates network to fly to and I can’t wait to see all that it has to offer. If anyone has any recommendations for me, please let me know, as I’ve not had a chance to google yet.

After this a trip to Frankfurt. I’ve been here once before and I’m not overly enthused to return here just yet, so I’ve put it up on the swaps page for something new. Fingers crossed.

After this our newest destination on the Emirates network to the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. I’ve NEVER been to Edinburgh shockingly, so I can’t wait to explore this beautiful city and all it has to offer. Edinburgh Castle is up there and I also want to go to The Elephant House Cafe where JK Rowling wrote many of the Harry Potter books!

Following this is a quick turn around to Muscat, one of our shortest flights we do, before its onto Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. I’ve been to KL once before, and I wouldn’t mind returning here as I’d like to go quad biking through the jungle/forest.

Then just right before I head on leave again I’m heading to London Heathrow. It’s becoming a bit of a trend that I do this flight before leave but I never mind seeing it on my roster and catching up with family/friends.

Ending the month with a vacation! I’m going to Krakow in Poland with two of my best friends from home which I’m super excited for! Hoping to fly directly into Krakow with Fly Dubai, so will be nice to experience our sister airline, before heading onto the UK for a couple days.


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  1. Ken S says:

    Hola, Yessica
    Como estas? Bienvenidos a nuestra ciudad.Ooops!!! You see what happens when you live long enough in South Florida? FLL and MIA have some nice beaches.You can take a 3hr scenic drive to the Keywest,the southernmost point of USA.Perhaps,you can even take one day cruise to the Bahamas.No visa required.There’s a rumor that our famous South Beach actually floats on Cuban Mojitos and 25$ Giant Margaritas. Have fun. Hasta Pronto.


    1. These are some great tips! Thank you Ken! 🙂


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