Summer In South London

First of all, many apologies for the silence on my blog, not only have I been on holiday but my laptop had also broken, absolute nightmare. But a new one has been purchased and I can finally catch up on all my posts I need to do!

So, sadly a swap from my Singapore flight to one to London Heathrow. I’ve never seen a swap be accepted so fast but it gave me a couple extra days off before my leave. Anyway, departing Dubai at 15:50 it was six and a half hours over to London Heathrow International Airport in the UK. It had been a while since I’d visited my family at their house and wanted to make the most of seeing my little cousins before they’re back at school for the new term. Landing at 19:50 I changed quickly and made my way across London on a Saturday night.

A quick chat and glass of wine or two with my auntie and uncle, I headed to bed around 1am knowing the little ones would be waking me up early the next morning.

Waking up around 9am (a lie in from my cousins) I woke up to start playing and spend the most of my Sunday afternoon with my family.


My nine year old cousin Aysha and I created a treasure hunt for Cailen’s seventh birthday the following day complete with rhyming riddles for them to answer, set around the lake behind their house.


That afternoon we had a BBQ out in the garden, grasping onto the last of the British summer before it was time for me to head back to the hotel.

How precious is my cousin?

Not so much sightseeing but a perfect layover for me before it was time for me to head on annual leave.

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