Time For Tunis

FINALLY, I was heading to Tunisia. I’ve been removed numerous times from the flight for operational reasons and I was beyond happy to be visiting the beautiful city of Tunis in the warm summer months. Departing Dubai at 9am it was just under 6 hours over to Tunis-Carthage International Airport.

Landing lunchtime (ish) after we arrived at the hotel, a couple of crew had mentioned meeting downstairs forty minutes later. However it was only me and the purser who showed up, so we jumped in a cab and went to the famous area of Sidi Bou Said.

Sidi Bou Said is a beautifully picturesque seaside village that will have you fooled into thinking you’re in Santorini. The white buildings paired with the gorgeous blue features are picture perfect, paired with the beautiful backdrop of The Mediterranean Sea. Walls are adorned with vibrant coloured flowers and stores are open into the street selling beautifully handcrafted souvenirs and goods.

FullSizeRender 31

One thing I liked about Sidi Bou Said is that you weren’t harassed to purchase things as you walked past. There was a sense of relaxation and tranquility and we were so happy to just wander in and out of the quaint streets, no sense of direction, just taking it all in.


You can easily see every street in the village within two to three hours, and all houses have those incredibly stunning doorways that you will see people standing in front of and taking pictures. I’d love to have a front door as beautiful as that.

One of the Tunisian crew had said we had to try the local delicacy of bambalouni which is essentially a large deep fried sugared donut. It tasted incredible. I could have eaten numerous amounts of these, I just only wonder how many calories are in each of them…

Feeling pretty parched, we stopped at a bar called Cafe Des Délices, which is a stunning bar cut into the cliff side with gorgeous views of the marina below, the palace on the coastal edge and those gorgeous tropically blue colours of the med.

We ordered freshly squeezed pineapple juice and sat chatting away whilst admiring the view. How nice to be sat here and it be called work, huh?


We had both said how we loved seafood and we’d been given a recommendation of a restaurant by the beach, so after we finished our drinks we paid up and went across to La Mer.

Food was so tasty, and so well priced. We shared grilled calamari to start with, which the purser chose himself and then both had seafood linguine for our main. After we’d eaten, we were given a very sweet Tunisian mint tea which was sooooo good, I wish I knew how to make this and then made our way back to the hotel.

I was beyond exhausted now, having not slept very well before the flight and managed a much needed thirteen hour sleep before the busy flight back to Dubai. A beautiful city that I would be happy to return to. Tunis has a lot to offer, and although I knew it was going to offer those beautiful views, it exceeded my expectations. Shukran Tunis!

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  1. It really looks amazing! Looks serene and charming too.

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  2. The truthism project says:

    Amazing I love Tunisia very much.
    It’s amazing to find someone who shares this admiration too…
    Feel free to visit my latest post to learn more about Tunisian monuments. ♡♡


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