Cabin Crew Q&A

1) Which airline is lucky enough to employ you?
2) What city are you based in? 
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

3) If you could choose any city, what would be your dream base?
If I could layover from anywhere it might have to be Manchester so that I could live at home and see all my family and friends all the time, but its not quite as nice and exotic as living in Dubai is it? I’d then have to move my lovely apartment and all my Dubai friends over to the UK!

4)How long would you like to be based there?
Maybe like one month there, one month in Dubai? That would be a nice compromise!

5)What is your favourite city thus far to layover in?
I post my top ten destinations at the bottom of my blog which I update as I explore more! At the top is Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. I had the best layover with the best crew here!

6) And least favourite layover?
I don’t really have a least favourite, but if I had to pick either Jakarta in Indonesia or Colombo in Sri Lanka. Nothing to do with the destination just bad experience etc.

7) Have you had famous people as passengers?
Flying for a big airline I’ve had a few famous people on board!

8) If so, who was your favourite?
Most probably Kenzie from Blazin’ Squad as we were sat opposite each other for take off and landing and we were chatting for quite a while! He was really nice and we even snapped a picture together!

9) Who was your least favourite?
None of them, haven’t interacted with them all but all were so polite and friendly and more than happy to take pictures with people!

10) Who would you love to have on your flight?
I would LOVE to have David Beckham on one of my flights. I’ve heard he is so lovely and more than happy to chat with both passengers and crew! I’d also love Stephen Mulhern (anyone not from the UK probably won’t know him) as I’ve been such a fan of him for a while, and he would be absolutely HILARIOUS.

Paris Saint-Germain's English midfielder
Fly Emirates you say David?

11) Are you a language speaker for your airline?
Nope, I only speak English!

12) If you could speak another language, which language would you speak?
I’m currently trying my hardest to learn Spanish as I know a fair bit from school and I can pick it up easier than any other language. But I would love to be fluent in mandarin, as no one would expect it from you. Also, when I utilise what VERY LITTLE Mandarin I do know on board, our Chinese passengers love it and sit and laugh at my pronunciation. You can’t knock a girl for trying though!

13) What is your least favourite flight to work? 
Probably a long overnight turn around. One where we check in at 7pm and don’t land back in Dubai till 6:30/7:00am. They’re really tough and long and usually very busy. It really goes against your circadian rhythm.

14) Do you have a flight you actually enjoy working?
Manchester! It’s home, people warm to my accent, people understand my accent and I have a genuine laugh with both crew and passengers despite them being none stop and super busy.

15) What’s the longest flight you’ve ever done?
Dubai to Los Angeles! It was 8,336 miles both ways and took around 16 and a half hours. I remember feeling like I’d lost an entire day of my life when we got there.

16) What do you watch on TV when you are getting ready for work on a layover?
I usually put Netflix on my iPad but it depends where I am to what is available on that Netflix. If were in the US, I exclusively watch Parks and Recreation as that’s the only location it’s available and its my favourite show EVER. If I’m in the UK I’ll put on How I Met Your Mother, or if there’s something I’m currently watching I’ll put an episode of that on. At the moment, it’s usually Love Island whilst I’m getting ready!

17) Have you ever dropped a passenger meal and served it?
If I ever drop a meal, I put it straight in the bin. I would never serve something I’ve dropped.

18) Do you prefer working economy, business class or first class?
I’m currently only economy crew, haven’t got my upgrade yet! I’ve been pulled out to work business class a few times now which was a nice change. I’d love to experience first class though!

19) Which aircraft are you licensed for?
Boeing 777-200 and 777-300 and Airbus A380-800

20) What is your favourite airplane to work?
It really changes from time to time. I like working our Airbus 380 in a two class configuration at the moment, but our brand new Boeing 777 aircrafts are so nice!

Our new game changing B777

21) Do you know what crop-dusting inflight is?
Hahahahaha, I do.

22) How long does it take you to get ready for work?
I give myself an hour to wake up, shower, do make up, hair, change, pack up last minute bits and get on the transport to work! Sometimes I mange to squeeze in a cup of tea too.

23) Do you prefer working early flights or late ones?
Late! I am not a morning person and would happily take a 10pm check in knowing I’ll have slept most of the day, rather than only having a round 5 hours for a 6am eGate. I’m really weird like that, I seem to be the only one haha.

24) Do you like the uniform your airline gives you?
I don’t dislike it. I absolutely love our red hat though!
IMG_2917 2

25) Do you take your laptop on a layover?
Very rarely. I have an iPad for my cabin bag so I can watch Netflix/TV or do some swaps etc. There’d have to be a real need like I’m going back to the UK straight after a flight for a few days for my laptop as it weighs down my cabin bag and makes it look really bulky!

26) What is your LEAST favourite part of every flight?
People handing me their heavy bags and expecting me to lift it into the hatrack for them. If you can’t lift your bag yourself, how can you expect someone else to put their back out?

27) What is the BEST hotel you have ever had a layover at?
We used to layover at the Westin at Nusa Dua in Bali. Absolutely stellar hotel, really recommend it for anyone going on holiday to Bali. Sadly, our hotel changed and we don’t stay there anymore 😥

28) Favourite make up brand?
I use so many different brands for so many different things. Maybe Huda Beauty or Anastasia Beverley Hills? Becca is also slowly becoming a favourite of mine too for their highlighters!

29) Where did you interview for your job?
London, UK

30) What other cities have you lived in?
Leeds, UK
Reading, UK
Lawrence, Kansas, USA

31) Why did you become a flight attendant?
I wanted to travel the world and save some money after uni and it seemed like the perfect way to be able to do both before I got a “proper job”.

32) What did you do before you became a flight attendant?
I was studying Human Geography at the University of Reading and I used to work weekends at Audi as their weekend receptionist. It was really fun, I learnt a lot about cars!

33) Did you apply at other airlines that didn’t want you?
I sent off an application for British Airways when I had a bit of a wobbler about moving to Dubai. They asked me to attend an interview but I cancelled in the end after I’d had my 5 minute meltdown haha.

34) Do you like the airline you work for?
I really do! Wouldn’t be here if I didn’t!

35) When you leave your current job, what do you want to do afterwards?
My all time dream job is to be a weather presenter for a UK weather channel! However, I know how little jobs there are for that, so I know it’s probably not going to happen. I’d love to go into Humanitarian Aid if not . Always something I’ve had a real passion and interest in, especially studying Geography.

36) Have you ever had the CEO of your airline onboard as a passenger?
Indeed I have, I flew him to Birmingham.

37) Have you ever dated a passenger you met?
I have not!

38) Have you ever gotten into a disagreement with a fellow crew member?
Everyone has disagreements from time to time and you won’t like everyone. I’d like to think I’m pretty easy to get on with and don’t let issues at work bother me, but sometimes these things happen and you do your job and go home.

39) Passengers ask annoying questions when they see you in uniform. What is your least favourite question?
How long do we have left? This information is available to EVERYONE on the screen in front of them, and I have to look on their screen to find out. Another classic is people asking me how long the delay will be. I always know just as much information as the passengers, and I too also want to get this show on the road. Or sometimes we’ll have just done a 16 hour flight and then a passenger asks if we’re going straight back to Dubai. When on earth in any job do you work 40+ hours at once?

40) What question do you always get asked?
Q: Can you upgrade me for free?
A: No I cannot.

41) Have you ever gotten any long lasting relationships out of your job?
Friendships, yes! Romantic relationships, no. I don’t like to date crew. I spend enough time at work, talking about work.

42) Which destination that you haven’t be to in your airline’s network do you want to visit next?
Our newest destination to Santiago in Chile! I’m desperate to explore more of South America.

43) Out of every place world wide, which is number one on your bucket list?
Bora Bora, French Polynesia

44) Most memorable experience inflight?
We managed to revive a person and bring them back to life. You never know when this sort of thing is going to happen and we’re trained for when it happens. It was a very scary and stressful situation to be in, but that feeling when you save someones life is a feeling like no other. I was super proud of myself and all the crew that day.

45) Most memorable layover?
It has to be my trip to Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. We had THE BEST crew. I’ve never laughed and had so much fun as I did on that five day trip whilst ticking so many things off my bucket list. I’ll never forget it.

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  1. Really enjoyed reading it! 🙂 I have never flown Emirates as the tickets are sadly more expensive than Qatar Airlines which I really like too..


  2. Heyy, it was great to learn something different about you and your work 💕 . Emirates is definitely one of the best airlines I have ever flown!!! Hope to see you sometime on board 😃❤

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  3. Lacy Transeau says:

    I loved reading this post, was really interesting to learn about what it’s like being a flight attendant on Emirates. Also, you are immediately cool in my book because Parks and Recreation is the greatest show ever. #LilSebastianForever


    1. Hahahaha Lil Sebastian is the best ever!!! Bye byeeeeee lil Sebastian! So glad you liked this post, thought I would try something a little different from my usual posts! X


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