August 2018 Roster

Rosters were late this month and I was hoping it was because I was having something fab in store after a long month of reserve. It seems that was not the reason. Here’s what my month of August will entail…

Reserve (until 10th)
KRT – Khartoum, Sudan Turn Around
TUN – Tunis, Tunisia Layover
JNB – Johannesburg, South Africa Layover
EWR – New Jersey, USA Layover
Visa Renewal
MLE/CMB – Male, Maldives and Colombo, Sri Lanka Multisector

So my reserve will continue on to the 10th and depending on how my roster pans out I might then spend the weekend visiting my best friend Ellie in Stockholm. It’s her birthday weekend and she’s working on a cruise ship that is docked there for the weekend so fingers crossed this all pans out for us!

After this my only turn around of the month (hallelujah) and it’s one that I don’t mind either.

Then it’s Tunisia, the only thing I bid for. It’ll be country 66 for me to tick off which I’m very happy about. I’ve been pulled off the Tunis flight twice now so fingers crossed I actually do get to go!

After this is Johannesburg. I have legit just been here on my reserve month, so I’ve put it up on the swaps page for something different!

Then I’ve been given a direct flight to Newark airport in New Jersey. It’s just slightly out of New York, and I do love New York, I was there not too long ago, but I’ve been bidding for Boston for over a year now so it’s just very annoying that I’ve not been given it! If I don’t get any good swaps for this I’ll stick with it as I have friends in New York to see and I love NYC in the summer.

Following on from this I have three days off for Visa Renewal. Can you believe its coming up for my residence visa to expire as I’ve almost been in Dubai three years!? How fast has that gone!!

Ending the month with an absolute classic I see on my roster is Male/Colombo. I really don’t rate this trip at all, so will be trying my hardest to swap this.


And that sums up the month of August! As always, feel free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook:


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  1. Why don’t you rate Male/Colombo?


    1. It’s an incredibly long day, I don’t enjoy transit flights where we keep passengers on board, it’s usually very busy and I don’t enjoy the Colombo Layover!


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