A Jaunt To Jo’Burg

I was on home standby from 8am – 2pm and was pulled for a flight to Johannesburg in South Africa. It had been two years since I was last in Johannesburg and I was happy to finally receive a layover and be escaping the heat of Dubai for the winter of South Africa.

Landing at 20:30, by the time we got to the hotel it was close to 22:00 and a few of us arranged to meet in the hotel for steak and wine. An absolute MUST when in South Africa. I opted for a steak served with pumpkin fritters, seasonal vegetables and chips and washed it down with a gorgeous glass of Pinotage. I also had a milkshake as this hotel is renowned for its milkshakes and opted for a Kit Kat one which tasted AMAZING.


Now almost 1am, I went back to my room to call it a night. How incredible is this room though? I just love the Audrey Hepburn theme so much!


I woke late the next day and quickly headed out to Tashas for breakfast despite it almost being 3pm now. The cold crisp air as I walked about town was so refreshing. The humidity in Dubai right now is stifling and I just loved having a jumper on as I made way to the restaurant.

I ordered steel cut oats with caramelised banana, nuts, chia seeds and coconut and a latte to kick start my day. Food was amazing and service exceptional, and all this cost me just short of £5!!! Sooooo cheap!!


Next I headed to the supermarket to stock up on groceries. It’s one of the essential things to do when in South Africa, and as no one wanted to do anything on this layover and a lot of crew were going home, I was happy to be left to shop and recharge those batteries after a very busy reserve month so far.


Stocked up, and ready to climb back into bed I made a cup of tea and put on some Netflix for a couple of hours before the flight back to Dubai. I’m watching Queer Eye at the moment and it is SO good! If you’re wanting something to watch at the moment, I really recommend this.


A short and sweet trip but one that I was so happy for as I was so tired after my three back to back duties. Fingers crossed the rest of my reserve month is good to me!

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. Ok, whaaat. That oatmeal looks delicious. How did I never think to add caramelized bananas to oatmeal?


    1. It was so delicious! Definitely something I’m gonna be doing from now on!


  2. Emily Rose says:

    Definitely visit the apartheid museum or take a tour of Soweto (it is well done and not just oggling at poor people and an absolutely incredible place) next time you’re in Jozi if you haven’t already!


    1. I’ll definitely have to try these next time I’m there, thank you so much for the recommendations!


  3. Robin says:

    Very nice blog! JNB is missing in your flight diary btw. 😀


    1. Thank you 🙂 Out of interest how did you find my flight diary page?


      1. Robin says:

        I found it on google. Im really interested in flight diary… Shame, that your profil is private. I know, privacy is important! Safe flights!


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