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I swapped my Copenhagen and Harare trips for a six day multisector to help out another crew member who needed to be in Copenhagen, in the hope it might get me some good karma! I wasn’t hugely fussed for the two trips and was happy to accept this trip to both Bangkok and Sydney.

I left Dubai Friday morning just before 9am and it was a nice and easy 6 hours over to Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok. Hitting the Friday evening peak traffic it took us quite sometime to get over to the hotel and by then people were feeling pretty lethargic to do anything as we had planned on the flight over. I always want to do something fun and felt a little disheartened I was kicking off this trip doing nothing. So I changed quickly and headed out for a massage before coming back to a Thai feast whilst I Skyped my parents: prawn Tom Yum soup, chicken pad Thai and my all time favourite mango sticky rice.


I had a long lie in ahead of our flight across to Sydney the next day and went to tan by the pool for a few hours before our wake up. The weather was gorgeous and I sat reading whilst staying hydrated with a fresh coconut in the glorious sunshine. It’s a hard life, hey?


Time to get ready for work and we made our way back across to the airport. It was just short of 9 hours over to Sydney Kingsford Smyth International Airport with two services during our night flight. It was a nice light load and the majority of passengers just wanted to sleep, so we had a lot of time spent chatting as crew letting the time pass by. We landed just after sunrise and as soon as I got to my room, I put on my pyjamas to have a little nap before I met my friends Joe and Kira at Circular Quay.


Despite it coming into winter in Sydney, the weather was gorgeous. The sun was beating down on my back, not a cloud was in sight and I had my sunglasses on. I can comprehend why many Brits emigrate to Australia as Sydney’s winter puts the British summer to shame!


Both Joe and Kira are travelling at the moment, separately, but both have resided in Sydney for a short while. We all went to high school together and have known each since we were 11. I’d not actually managed to see Joe since 2016 as we have both kept missing each other travel wise and I last saw Kira on Christmas Eve before she jetted off! So it only made sense to meet up for some daytime drinks and a catch up at The Opera Bar.


A few bottles of wine later, we were all feeling very peckish and Joe suggested we move over to Darling Harbour for something to eat. I always like to try and see new areas in my favourite cities and was keen to check out Darling Harbour which I’d heard lots about.


We chose a cute little Italian right by the waterside which had a sunset dinner deal on. For $35 you could get a glass of wine, starter, main and dessert. A bargain for pricey Australia when we’d paid $44 for a bottle of wine by Sydney Opera House.

FullSizeRender 31
Darling Harbour, Sydney

The food was great, I opted for meatballs, prawn linguine and sorbet. I must have been hungry cause I didn’t even take one picture at dinner, not even of the three of us!

One more quick drink before we called it a night and said our goodbyes. I was exhausted after only sleeping 2 hours when we landed, and crashed out in bed for the next 15 hours before our wake up call.

Leaving Sydney Monday night, it was 9 and a half hours back across to Bangkok landing in the early hours. Straight into my room, I ordered some amazing room service before falling asleep. I think I’ve found a new Asian favourite. Prawn wonton noodle soup!

The crew on this trip have not wanted to do a single thing. Not one thing throughout the entire trip. I wasn’t bothered in Sydney as I had my friends to catch up with, but for two layovers  in Bangkok I was hoping that at least one person would want to do something fun with me! But no such luck. I tried to arrange going to the floating market but there wasn’t enough time left to book it, so sadly it was a pamper day of getting my nails done and an hours massage.

I tried out a new(ish) spa that is run by ex Emirates crew and I am totally converted! Infinity Spa is a little more pricier but definitely worth splashing out a bit more cash. The spa is incredibly clean and ultra modern and I was welcomed with a hot lemongrass scented towel, a delicious and cooling green tea with fresh lime, organic honey and a splash of blue butterfly flower and a savoury watermelon salad.


After being pampered from head to toe and coming out feeling incredibly relaxed, I was then given hot ginger tea, another cooling towel and a small portion of mango sticky rice. For anyone who knows me or keeps up with my blog, you’ll know that my love for mango sticky rice shows no ends, and this sealed the deal for my favourite spa in Bangkok hands down.


I then went back to the hotel and bumped into my friend Ehab in the lobby who I was chatting with for a while before I went back to my room for some food and a sleep before our night flight back to Dubai.


I wasn’t sure whether to write on this trip as I really feel I didn’t do very much at all. But sometimes you get crew who really just want to stay in the hotel or do there own thing. It’s a shame for this six day trip, but I had a very relaxing trip filled with great food, friends and relaxation. And although I feel like I’ve been away from Dubai for ages, I don’t feel completely exhausted like I usually do from a multisector trip. So every cloud I guess?

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  1. The sunset over Darling Harbour… WOW! Postcard worthy! Safe Travels!

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    1. Amazing isn’t it!? Thank you!

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  2. How long are your layovers normally? Love your blog! 💓


    1. Most layovers are 24 hours so we get a day in that destination. Most US flights are 2 days and we have a few 3 day layovers and then some multisectors where we’re away for up to 1 week! Glad you like my blog, it means a lot 😊


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