May 2018 Roster

We were delayed with receiving our May rosters this month, but as I was busy with guests, for the first time in forever I didn’t even notice! However it’s my second top bid month so I was holding out for something good, and I can’t complain really! So in May I shall be heading to…

CPH – Copenhagen, Denmark Layover
LUN/HRE – Harare, Zimbabwe Layover
PVG – Shanghai, China Layover
LCA/MLA – Malta, Republic of Malta Layover
MLE – Malé, Maldives Turn Around
ATH/EWR – Athens, Greece and New Jersey, USA Multisector

So quite a good mix thrown in there. Kicking the month off with Copenhagen, I’ve been here twice now, and although it’s a fab city, I don’t feel rushed to head back. So I’ve put it on the swaps page to see if I can get somewhere new!

Back to back with this trip is our shuttle trip to Lusaka in Zambia, where we eventually layover in Harare in Zimbabwe. I’ve done this trip once before when I was pulled out on my reserve month. Its a great trip, which I wouldn’t mind doing again, but will try and see if I can get anything new for it. If not, its some great flying hours.

Afterwards I have Shanghai, its been almost a year since I was last in Shanghai and I am more than happy to be heading back after such a lovely trip last time. I want to head to Disney Land, so I’m hoping some of the other crew will be willing to join me as it should be nice weather!

One thing I did bid for was Malta which I’m so happy to see on my next months roster. It’s another transit flight where we land into Larnaca, Cyprus to drop off/pick up some passengers before we eventually layover in Malta. The resort we stay in looks amazing, and I’m excited for a new country to visit in a sunny destination.

Only one turn around this month which is nice, quite a long one albeit, but I never mind Malé with the gorgeous views as we come into land.

Ending the month with a 5 day multisector trip to both Athens in Greece and New Jersey in the US. I’ve been wanting to do this trip since it launched around a year ago. I’ve never actually been to mainland Greece, only a few of the islands such as Santorini and Zakynthos, so it will be amazing to visit the acropolis. If anyone has any recommendations for Athens though, please do let me know! In between our two layovers in Athens, we also head across to Newark Airport located in New Jersey. I will more than likely head into New York from here as it is one of my favourite cities, and hopefully try and catch up with my friend Scott again!

And that summarises the month of May! 3 new destinations for me to visit, 1 new country and a lot of warm destinations. Happy days. I’m heading off to work again in the morning to visit country 62, stay posted for how my 48 hours in Myanmar is spent!


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