March 2018 Roster

That time of the month has arrived and it was my fourth bid month. Only one thing I asked for, but a nice wide mix ahead. So, in March I shall be going to…

KRT – Khartoum, Sudan Turn Around
LHR – London, UK Layover
DEL – Delhi, India Turn Around
MUC – Munich, Germany Layover
CEB/CRK – Cebu and Clark, Philippines Multisector
OSL – Oslo, Norway Layover
AMS – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
SYD – Sydney, Australia Layover

Kicking off the month with a new turn around destination, followed by what seems to be my second home of London Heathrow.

After this I have some days off where I’m hopefully going to join my Mum, Dad and Sister skiing. Before coming back to Dubai, for another turn around to Delhi and back.

So following on from a ski trip, I’ll then be heading back to Munich for a layover. I’ve visited Munich before where I went to Neuschwanstein Castle. If anyone has any other recommendations of what to do in Munich, please let me know.

Next up is a multisector trip to Cebu and Clark in the Philippines. I didn’t get to swim with the whale sharks whilst I was in Cebu last timeI was there, so I’m hoping some of the crew are down for that. Whilst in Clark, last time we ended up on a night out, this time I’m hoping to visit the thermal springs!

After this it’s a new country to tick off, with Norway. I’m excited to see the beautiful city of Norway and especially when it’s not going to be bitterly cold at the end of March.

Afterwards, I’ve been rostered Amsterdam again. I’m hoping to swap it again, so fingers crossed I can get something nice.

And ending the month I’ve been given a direct Sydney Layover. I didn’t bid for it either, so I was shocked to see it on my roster. I never get rostered Australia since I was given my US Visa. However, I’m going to have to swap it for days off or a turn around as I have friends visiting in Dubai. So it breaks my heart to give away a chance to visit one of my favourite cities.

And that sums up the month of March! As always, feel free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook:


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  1. Kv says:

    Hi i want to ask how much in kilo gram flight attendant can take with them as luggage and can crew bring some packed material from other country for their family and how many days crew get off in month


    1. We get 23kg, as long as you can fit it in your suitcase and it’s something you are allowed to transport then yes. We get a minimum of 8 in a month 😊


      1. Kv says:

        Hey jessica i also want to know that is it difficult to become flight attendant of emirates and can we become purser in emirates from 1st day of joining or to become purser we need to first become cabin crew of economy and then with promotions we can become purser


  2. Kv says:

    Hi i have one more question how much time you stay during layover and like you go from dubai to london and from london can tou swap it with london to new york or you have to come back to dubai first and how many swap can we make in month and how much time you stay during turnaround and can emirates crew get any discount on ticket i know i had asked so many question from you in your busy schedule so sorry for that but you are like celebrity to me and i hope we will meet one day and i will take your autograph may god bless you


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