February 2018 Roster

That time of the month again where we receive our rosters, and although mine isn’t brilliant, it’s not that bad either despite only getting one thing I bid for. So in February I shall be going to:

LHR – London Heathrow, UK Layover
AMS – Amsterdam, The Netherlands Layover
MLE – Malé, Maldives Turn Around
CKY/DSS – Conarky, Guinea and Dakar, Senegal Multi Sector
LHR – London Heathrow, UK Layover
MNL – Manila, Philippines Layover

Kicking off the month with Heathrow, and I also have another one at the end of the month. I didn’t bid for London, and I’d already swapped one of my January flights for London so it seems I’m going to spending quite a bit of time there the next few weeks! Always happy to see it and visit my family and friends, but if someone sends me a swap for something else I may accept!

After this it’s Amsterdam, I feel I only went there quite recently even though it was back in August. I’ve put it on the swaps page to see if I can get a new destination, but if not happy to venture back there and see more of the city. If anyone has any recommendations, please do let me know.

After this it’s a turn around in the middle of the days off I asked for to go and visit my friend who works on a cruise ship round Asia. Not ideal, so I’m hoping there’s some kind soul who wants to take it off my hands… but it’s not our early morning Maldives turn around and you do get the pretty views coming into land so it’s not the end of the world.

Following on from this I have a 5 day trip to Conarky in Guinea and Dakar in Senegal. This is quite a new trip with Emirates and I’m excited to add two new countries to the list! It’s a 10 hour flight over to Conarky where we get a 48 hour layover, then we do an hour flight before having another 48 hour layover in Dakar. I’ve seen a few other crews pictures and it looks like a fun trip, so I’m really excited to see what we get up to. Only sad part is one of my friends who lives in Singapore is visiting Dubai that weekend and the trip is so long I will miss him!

Ending the month with Manilla. It seems they really like to give me this flight, I’m going to try my luck on the swaps page to see if I can end up somewhere else. Hopefully Singapore so I can catch up with my friend Matt if I miss him. If not, I’ll have to have a think of what else I can get up to in Manilla.

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