Inviting Ireland

It was an early start waking up at 3am for work, however I was looking forward to ticking off country number 52 and also taking my mum to work with me! Departing Dubai at 7am, it was 8 hours and 10 minutes over to Dublin Airport.

I don’t know how she managed to pull this off but my Mum got even better treatment than when I travel as a passenger, and got to sit in Business Class for landing so she could disembark quickly and join us on our way to the hotel! Lucky thing.


Having never visited before – my mums been a couple times – I was excited to sight see and we made our way over to the Guinness Factory. The concierge told us to book tickets online as it is cheaper whilst we made our way over and we managed to save €20 between us rather than buying when we got there.

The Guinness Storehouse is a 7 floor museum and production outlet, that you guessed it, informs you on how the famous black stuff is made!


It’s a great place and has all sorts of information and fun facts you’d have never guessed, and also a chance to become a professional taste tester and professional pint puller.


I didn’t struggle with the latter so much though having worked in a pub for 6 and a bit years back home!

Finally after exploring the seven floors we ventured up to take in the views of Dublin from the panoramic bar, but it wasn’t long before our stomachs were rumbling and we made our way over to Temple Bar in the rain to look for a place to eat.


Stumbling across the famous Temple Bar pub we had to stop for a few pictures before escaping the cold in a pub called Bad Bob’s. The menu wasn’t overly appealing when I wanted something traditionally Irish so we had a drink and googled some places before going to the Old Storehouse.


I ordered an Irish coffee to warm up and myself and my mum shared some chicken wings as we listened to the live Irish band. For my main I had beef in Guinness which was just SO delicious and I finished my meal very content and very sleepy after a really early start.


So after this we made our way back to the hotel to crash out in bed and Skype my Dad. All in all a great trip and it was so lovely to fly with my Mum and have her spend my layover with me.


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