November 2017 Roster

That time of the month has creeped up on us once more and it’s my top bid again! Next month I shall be going to…

MLE/CMB – Male, Maldives and Colombo, Sri Lanka Layover
KIX – Osaka, Japan Layover
DUB – Dublin, Ireland Layover
MAN – Manchester, UK Layover
KHI – Karachi, Pakistan Turn Around
IKA – Tehran, Iran Turn Around
ACC/ABJ – Accra, Ghana Layover

A serious mix thrown into the bunch there. Two things I bid for so I can’t complain really!

Kicking off the month with MLE/CMB multisector. I have done this trip a couple times before and it is such a long day. I’m not really bothered to visit Colombo again so fingers crossed I can swap it for either a new destination, or maybe even a UK layover!

After this I have Osaka again, from my previous posts you’ll see that I have swapped off my last Osaka flight for our multi sector trip to Rio de Janerio and Buenos Aires. So I’m very happy to see this on my roster so I can tick off a new destination!

Following on from this is Dublin and is both a new country and destination to tick off for me. The last time I received it I had to swap off the layover as I was attending the Justin Bieber concert in Dubai so I cannot wait to visit a city I’ve heard so much about! One of my room mates is also Irish and spent her university days in Dublin so I’m sure she’ll have many recommendations to give me!

After this I actually have 6 and a half days off between flights which I asked for as it is on my long time friend from home’s wedding day which I’m really looking forward to and it’s always great to spend more than 24 hours at home and catch up with family and friends and head to the pub!

Back to work and it’s off back to Manchester again. I actually had Osaka but the days off I bid for didn’t actually cover my intentions of my trip home. I’m actually going to see Steps (the 90s band not just some random steps) back home with my Mum! My Mum took me when I was little and I was BEYOND excited. But they had so so many support acts that I actually fell asleep and woke up when Steps were finishing their final song!! So fingers crossed I can keep my eyes open this time. I promise I’ll try my hardest Mum! So I had to painfully swap up Osaka for Manchester. What a lucky crew member who bagged that.

After this a couple of turn arounds, nothing majorly exciting so I’ll try swap for some UK if possible, or even a new destination if luck is on my side.

And ending the month with another new destination and country with Accra in Ghana and we quickly shuttle to Abidjan in Côte d’Ivoire before spending another 24 hours in Accra. Hopefully I have  fun crew and can explore the city at least a little bit and get a feel for what Ghana is like!

So all in all a good roster that I can play around with a little.


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