Relaxing Russia

I wasn’t overly looking forward to this trip as I’ve previously visited Moscow. I’d been trying to swap off it, but with flying legalities and my next roster duties and this trip only covering two days rather than the usual three  I was limited with swap options and no one accepted any of my swaps. This is crew life sometimes, and not every destination is going to be the most sought after especially when I’d already done the sight seeing tour. However, I packed my bags and filled my case with warm winter clothes and my boots (this is one thing I was happy about) and completed the short but hectic 5 hours and 8 minute flight over to Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow thinking of spending my layover attending the Russian Ballet.


I think because I wasn’t expecting much from this layover, I wouldn’t end up doing very much, but I had such a fab crew with non stop laughing throughout the flight. After checking in, I spoke with the concierge who said both the ballet and the opera were sold out and I could try for a last minute ticket at the theatre for a lucky chance. Not feeling this, I decide to join the crew for dinner and drinks at a Georgian restaurant which is a crew favourite.


The restaurant was so cute and had such a homey vibe. And we managed to pile all 14 of us (yes we managed to get 14 crew out for dinner, this is kind of unheard of) and looked through the menu. The menus were served in giant envelopes and addressed to you like letters. It was a very unique style that I really liked! It felt very personal and something I had never experienced before. Ordering Georgian beers and wines, I had opted for the fried pork, potatoes and vegetables covered in spices and served in a clay dish.

IMG_1150 2

The food was really really good however the sizes of the dishes were SO small. I’m not exaggerating here, I wouldn’t really class some of the dishes that people had ordered as even starter size so I left feeling pretty peckish still.


What was weird about this restaurant was that to the side of the tables in a big glass enclosure was a live cow, two Chinese chickens, a goat, a peacock and an old woman knitting and attending to the animals? I have no idea why, or how long she stays there or if this is for fun or she’s paid but it was all very random.

We finished our evening in the hotel bar before calling it a night and had a nice long sleep before another short flight back to Dubai. A pretty brief post here but I had such a fun trip with a great crew which was so unexpected that I thought I would write up on it!

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  1. Abbey says:

    The crew members made it interesting. Wonderful crew members, enjoy the post as well 😄

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