Fancy France

Finally it was back to work, but there were zero complaints from me as it was on to the beautiful destination of Nice in France! Another new place for me to visit. An early 08:40am departure out of Dubai with a pleasant 6 hours and 45 minutes over to Nice Côte d’Azur International Airport. With two services, but a light load it was a dreamy flight welcoming me back to work and I landed beyond ready to explore a new destination.

Heading over to the hotel, we checked in and had arranged a tour with an ex Emirates cabin crew member who we would meet downstairs 45 minutes after check in. The tour cost €60 and consisted of many different stops around the city and also venturing to another country, Monaco!

The tour began in the old town winding in and out of the tiny streets which Ben, our tour guide, explained were due to roman influence. The narrower the streets, the more difficult it was for the city to face attacks from neighbouring places as they couldn’t get their chariots around the city fast enough. This really added to the charm and character of these quaint little streets, and we jumped out of the car for a 45 minute wander through the shops, bars and restaurants.


Ben had recommended an ice cream place that was incredibly popular and had won a lot of awards in Nice due to its 100 homemade flavours that it boasts! I ordered a scoop of caramel and Kinder Bueno, and Cher ordered a scoop of rose which tasted delightful as we walked in the warmth as the city clutched onto the last of the summer sun.

Making our way down to the sea front, we were welcomed by the most beautiful blue sea ever. I didn’t even think this was possible here but I’m always taken aback by the most intense turquoise waters and I was happy to walk along admiring the view.


Ice creams finished it was up to the ‘I LOVE NICE’ sign to continue on with the next stop of the tour where we were meeting Ben with the car.


Moving onto a coastal walk we were dropped up the top of a private lane which was home to the most beautiful and decadent homes that had the perfect sea view as they were sporadically spread into the cliff side.


Reaching the bottom of the cliff was a beautifully undulating path that lined the edge of the sea which you could walk all the way back to Nice from Villefranche. IMG_6954

I was even doing everything I could do for the crew to get them the ultimate pictures without getting my shadow in the shot. What are good crew members for, ey?


The walk was very pretty and all along the coastline were people nestled in between the rocks fishing and sunbathing, there were even people cliff jumping further down the way!


After our lovely stroll we were back in the car and we drove up through the windy country lanes to some of the most beautiful view points that looked out over Nice. I can’t get over how insanely beautiful this city is with its multitude of views and beautifully french feel.


The views were great, but nothing compared to this beautiful view as we pulled up at a road side to see this…



Imagine owning one of those houses with this view? Opening the curtains everyday to see the beautiful sea and driving out of your house past all the yachts on the bay to grab your groceries? Heavenly. However, if you’re wanting to live here you best have some cash ready as this view and the area make it the most expensive view point to live in the world! A girl can dream though hey?

With such a fantastic view it only made sense to stop for a drink and we went to a little village called Eze which was the tiniest, prettiest little village! With it being so picturesque it was oozing with tourists and we meandered throughout the village looking at the shops.

Ben had reserved us an outdoor table at a place called Chateau, it was around €10 for a glass of wine, so a little pricey but the prices I’m used to paying in Dubai.


Downstairs had even more impressive views from the restaurant which we spotted as we used the toilets. I would love to stay here for dinner and watch the sunset. If anyone is visiting and wants a romantic setting this would be ideal. You can just imagine someone getting down on one knee to propose here can’t you?


It was finally time to tick another country off the list as we headed over to Monaco. Monaco is the second smallest country in the world after The Vatican City and is home to the incredibly rich and the famous Monte Carlo.


The area was home to many shops of all the famous designers you can think of in a walk down to the Monte Carlo casino and Cafe De Paris. You could see the wealth in the area and I would have loved to have an infinite amount of money to spend on luxurious designer goods here.


Unless you have vast amounts of money to spend or a lot of time, there isn’t a great deal going on. However I was happy to have seen what Monaco is like and take my list of countries up to 49 visited, so close to 50 now!!


As the last of the days rays came to an end, it was right up to the top of the hills to a view point where we could see France, Monaco and Italy all at once as it lit up for night time!


Feeling ravenous now, myself and one of the other crew Cher decided to go for dinner whereas the rest of them went back to the hotel to go to sleep. Ben dropped us outside a restaurant he really recommended for a good price and great service and after looking at the menu and seeing a queue was forming around the menu board, we grabbed a table. We both decided on the mussels with french fries and ordered some white wine to accompany it. The food was delicious and went down a treat.

It took me around an hour to get to the bottom of the pot!

Feeling incredibly full after these enormous portions we ended up chatting to two girls on the table next to us, one of whom went to university in Leeds. As we got talking, we as a group then ended up talking to the two tables next to us as well and before we knew it, we were the last ones in the restaurant and they were ready for closing whilst we’d been busy chatting away. The two girls, Faith and Georgia were continuing their night on and asked if we wanted to join. Cher headed back to the hotel, but I was happy to continue my layover on so I joined them and we headed to Wayne’s Bar.


Ready for bed, I ended up spending the rest of my layover sleeping for 11 hours before our wake up call. I had the most amazing fun filled layover where I crammed in as much as possible. The beautiful place paired with the vast things to do here and my amazing layover has sent Nice right to the very top of my favourite destinations knocking Cape Town off top spot! I cannot get over how beautiful Nice is, I just really wasn’t expecting this at all. I will most definitely be bidding for this flight again in the summer time and/or heading here on my days off.

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