October 2017 Roster

My 2nd top bid month and only one thing I asked for… however a wide mix of trips, so in October I shall be going to:

DME – Moscow, Russia Layover
CPT – Cape Town, South Africa Layover
KIX – Osaka, Japan Layover
RUH – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Turn Around
PEK – Beijing, China Layover
Normal Annual Leave
CAI – Cairo, Egypt Turn Around
BHX – Birmingham, UK Layover

So a wide mix thrown into the bunch there. Kicking off the month in Russia! I’ve been here before and I’m looking to send out a few swaps for a new destination hopefully! After this I have three days off and my room mate Hannah has 5 so we’re planning a little jaunt somewhere and making the most of some cheap tickets, so stay posted for where I head on a little venture.

Next up it’s Cape Town, the weather will be warming up again in Cape Town, so fingers crossed I’ll actually be head up Table Mountain unlike last time I was there with the bad weather.

After this I’m finally heading back to Japan and can tick off a new destination of Osaka! It will be so nice to explore a new city here and I’m hoping to head over to the bamboo forest. If anyone has any suggestions on what to do here please do drop a comment below.

No surprise to see a Saudi turn around on my flight and then this is followed by Beijing. It’s been almost 18 months since I was last in Beijing and it would be great to go to the Forbidden City. I’m also rostered to fly with my batch mate Danica so I may keep this, I’ll see if anyone offers me anything exciting for it!

Following on from this I have leave again, I’m first of all heading back home to the UK for a night before me and two of my best friends jet off to Iceland for three days!! I cannot wait to add a new country to the list and most importantly, finally see the Northern Lights! It’s been on my bucket list for such a long time and I can’t wait to spend some time with best friends.

Bringing me back to work is a day time flight to Cairo which I’m hoping will be quick and easy before it’s back to the UK again to head to Birmingham. It isn’t home for me and I also don’t have any friends there anymore. I may see if my Mum wants to come down and visit or I may be a tourist in my own city for once and go to the birth place of Shakespeare. Who knows!


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  1. For sure you also been to Sharm El Sheik….. it is also lovely strolling out there….


    1. I’ve never been, I’m not massively into diving so been told not to bother if I ain’t into that!


  2. Grandma myra says:

    enjoyed reading your Oct Roster Jess …it sounds a good and a real variety… lots of love and hugs xxx

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  3. L2 says:

    If you’re in Osaka you have to go to Nara and meet a deer in the park. You can buy food to feed them too.

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll have a google!


  4. Kerry says:

    Hi Jess!
    Try crab meat at the famous Kanidouraku Dotombori-Honten in Dontombori. You can catch a shinkansen to Kyoto where the bamboo forest is. If you’re in Kyoto, try and spot a maiko/geisha at Ginza, and while you’re there go to a tea ceremony! Enjoy x

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    1. Thank you Kerry this sounds amazing and really up my street! I will definitely look into all this 😊 x


  5. saimaxasad says:

    Hi! Can you explain what you mean by “top bid month” ? I’m starting training soon and wondering what to expect for my first few months of flying 🙂


    1. There are seven different groups which we’re all split into, and each month each group has a different priority bid. Those who are in their top bid month can expect to receive the more sought after flights or most of what they bid for, and bottom bid is when you can usually expect to get reserve or the not so sought after flights. Each month you move up until you reach top bid, and then you’ll go to the bottom and start again. So each month you can bid for 5 things for the following month. You won’t know which group you’re in until you start flying or bidding for flights. Hope this helps 😊


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