September 2017 Roster

That time of the month again, and what a lovely mixture of a month I seem to have. In September I shall be going to:

MED – Medinah, Saudi Arabia Turn Around
Normal Annual Leave
NCE – Nice, France Layover
CGK – Jakarta, Indonesia Layover
AMM – Amman, Jordan Turn Around
KHI – Karachi, Pakistan Turn Around
PEW – Peshawar, Pakistan Turn Around
MXP/JFK – Milan, Italy and New York, USA Multi Sector

Kicking off the month with a turn around to Medinah, I’m not too bothered about this turn around as my little sister visits me in Dubai! I’m trying to swap it for something that lands a little earlier as I have leave after this and we’re heading to Bali. So hopefully I can manage that.

After my holiday, it’s back to work and with the beautiful destination of Nice! It’s quite a sought after destination with Emirates and I’m surprised I managed to get this in my third bid! I’ll also be clutching onto the last moments of summer there and can’t wait to spend it in the south of France!

Following on from this its a trip to Jakarta, not overly fussed to head here so I’m trying to send out a few swaps for it. So stay posted!

Afterwards I have three back to back turn arounds, I would LOVE to swap these for something like Manchester but the chance of this happening is incredibly slim so I won’t hold my breath.

And finally ending the month with a trip to Milan and New York! I’ve never been to Milan before so I’m looking forward to ticking off a new destination, and who doesn’t love a trip to New York? Hoping to catch up with friends in both destinations so it will be a fabulous way to end my month.


A complete mixture there, but stay posted for if I managed to do any swaps! As always feel free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more daily updates:


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