Marvellous Malaysia

An evening time departure out of Dubai at 21:29 and it was a nice 7 hours and 17 minutes over to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It was a completely full two class flight with two services and despite flying through the night to land at 08:46 in the morning, I honestly didn’t stop!

After getting lost in the airport, we jumped on the coach and made our way over to the hotel. Most of the crew were dying for bed, but I know me and even though it was almost 10am and I hadn’t yet gone to bed, if I did, that would be me for the entire layover. So myself and one of the other economy crew Leo arranged to meet in the lobby half an hour later. In the 3 minutes it took me to get upstairs to my room, it went from being absolutely glorious sunshine to throwing it down with rain and the darkest skies. Can someone please enlighten me how to lift this bad weather curse I seem to have?!?

Jumping in an uber, we made our way over to the Batu Caves which was about 50 minutes away. Uber is crazy cheap here, the journey over only cost us £5!! And good news, by the time we arrived after driving through the busy roads of KL the sunshine was back out!


Walking up to the caves, monkeys were EVERYWHERE. And they were not in the slightest bid timid, running around, trying to get as much food as they could and fighting amongst one and other.


The size of the golden statue was absolutely phenomenal. Standing incredibly tall as a guard to the entrance to the caves, you’re already impressed. As this is a temple, I had to cover my legs and there were women at the entrance to the cave tying different coloured sarongs around us for 5 Ringgits.

The walk up the stairs to the caves is actually super tiring, about half way up both me and Leo were talking of the burn in our thighs already. They’re actually much steeper and longer than the pictures show, but it’s worth it when you make it to the top.


The inside of the cave was actually enormous and was filled with all kinds of religious ornaments and different places of worship and people were milling around taking photos in and amongst all the restorative and development work.


Believe it or not, there were actually more steps inside the caves which led you up to an open air cave where the main temple was. There was also a ceremony going on here which was really interesting to watch as they offered their gifts to the gods.

Wandering back down, the rain was trying its hardest again, so we jumped in an uber over to the Petronas Towers to shelter from the rain.


The journey over took about 25 minutes and as we got closer into the centre of the city we could see the high rises growing and growing. The taxi driver actually dropped us in an underground car park and we struggled to find our way out of a mall with the poor signage. But once we did, we came out to the most impressive view; the Petronas Twin Towers.


According to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat official definition and ranking, they were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004 and remain the tallest twin towers in the world. They stand at 451.9m or 1,483ft tall and are a predominant feature of the KL skyline.


At the base of the towers, we bought these cool fish eye lenses that clip to the exterior of your phone so you can actually get the entire towers in your shot, otherwise they’re that tall you can’t manage it with a regular lens!

Feeling very peckish, we googled some good restaurants around the area and headed in the direction of one which had good reviews. But on our way over we walked past a Hard Rock Cafe and decided to call for a drink and just ended up staying in there for food as well. So much for trying out some local delicacies.


Whilst here we ended up being sat in the middle of an Elvis Presley convention (so random) but it was nice to sit and listen to all the fabulous songs he had. You forget how many hits he actually had!!

After a long leisurely lunch, we decided it was time for a massage before going to bed before our wake up call. We got a good deal from our hotel and paid 110 for an hours back, shoulder, head and scalp massage. I actually fell asleep in the last 10 minutes as it was so so relaxing. The perfect end to a fabulous layover in Kuala Lumpur.


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  1. Batu caves look so amazing. Those monkeys must be annoying ?


    1. Haha they were a little scary more than annoying! I was scared that one was just going to jump on me at any given moment!


  2. Great reminder of how beautiful Batu Caves really is! I’m writing on Malaysia at the moment and a blog on Kuala Lumpur will be coming up soon

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  3. SGRMSE. says:

    i lol-ed at the randos low-key photobombing on the left of your fish eye photo.

    Liked by 1 person

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