Calming Colombo

A very short and sweet post on my recent venture to Colombo. We departed Dubai at 9:55am and our first stop of the trip was to Male in the Maldives. I’ve realised that anything that departs between 4am and 12pm I’m not a massive fan of, I’m much better at late/really early morning departures or something that leaves afternoon time as I sleep a lot better before the flight. However, this is the life of crew and I managed a half decent sleep before the long day ahead of me.

It was just 3 hours and 10 minutes over to Male where we have an hour and a half on ground where we drop off some passengers and pick up others before completing the last leg of the trip over to Colombo. Usually I’m incredibly jealous landing into the Maldives and not getting to stay there but this time it was hammering it down with the rain and we had to circle for an extra 30 minutes before landing due to a tropical storm over the airport. I wouldn’t have liked to have spent all that money and arrive to that!


It was then just a short 1 hour flight over to Colombo which is an incredibly quick service where we still serve a full economy cabin a meal with drink, tea and coffee before collecting the trays in and completing our pre landing duties. Landing at 18:30 we made our way through the airport in the humid heat and over to the hotel for check in. There’d been discussion of doing a tour the next day to see the city of Negombo or Colombo. As I’ve visited Negombo before I wasn’t overly fussed for it, but thought I’ll join in with whatever the crew decide to do. But with many of them tired and not bothered for sight seeing the next day we headed for dinner at the hotel buffet for some food and drinks before bed.


I’m unsure why I didn’t take any pictures that evening so I don’t have very much to show you sadly! It was however a lovely evening and we spent the evening chatting and eating away and I managed to drag myself away to bed at 2:15am! So much for being tired!

The next morning I wake up really early despite having an alarm set for much later and ordered some room service and called the hotel spa to book myself a massage. Sadly the spa was full and they could only fit me in just before the wake up call which I didn’t want to risk so I unfortunately passed up on a relaxing afternoon.


Instead I decide to go to the gym for a work out after last nights food consumption and for a wander around the hotel. The hotel is filled with these roofed walk ways which keeps you sheltered from the incredibly hot sun they look really pretty but are also incredibly practical. I thought about joining some of the crew at the pool except I’d forgotten my bikini! I don’t think this layover was meant to be somehow haha.


So instead I went back to my room and ended up falling asleep right until the wake up call. The long double sector flight clearly tired me out but I woke up feeling fresh ready to complete another full double sector back to Dubai!


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